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6:47 PM

3rd Year and New Old stuff

Etched by Isaac

I want to give all thanks and glory to God for getting me through the examination, and now I'm a third year medical student. Only about halfway there but still it's been pretty long.

With the short break given by the university, I had time enough to play around more with my new old lenses. One word: Awesome. The results are clearly much better than the kit lens that came with my camera, and at such low prices (USD45 each lens), I think I have the best deal for the money.

Knowing the buzz I get from securing a great price-to-performance deal, the old lenses were just plain awesome. Obviously there's more work involved - NO AUTOFOCUS at all so only manual focus, but somehow the feel of the pictures, with the signatures of the lenses imprinted on them, gives the pictures more depth and emotion, at least in my opinion. Plus to get a native f/1.4 lens for micro 4/3rds, I would have to spend RM2k and I cannot justify that amount of money even if I had that much spare cash lying around.

The Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 will just have to wait until I am rich. Till then, my trusty manual lenses which are quite a bit older than me will do just fine. I'll be looking for a wider angle lens to complete the prime lens kit then I can ditch the pancake zoom. Expensive kit lens that feels kinda weird to zoom - using a tab instead of a ring. I appreciate the compactness, but I think a 14mm, 17mm or 20mm prime lens would feel much better. If I have the money one day, I'll probably invest in a longer zoom lens. Handy walkabout 10x zoom. Not cheap. Nothing in the micro 4/3rds world seems to be cheap except the usage of old manual lenses which actually produce great photographs. =)

I created my own photo watermark!
Just for the fun of it. "Isaac Tay Photography". Lol.

God has always been good, and He continues to be, in every season and every time.
Soon my time at Bukit Jalil will be up. I thank Him for sending me wonderful friends to accompany and help me through this journey.

Here are some pictures =D

A surprised Timothy with my glasses.
-pancake zoom-

We call them "fishball"
-Rokkor 50mm f/1.4-

Surprise badminton player, haha :D
-Hexanon 40mm f/1.8-

My hair is too long. Hello, Tim :D
-Rokkor 50mm-
Things are often Jasper-ish
-Hexanon 40mm-

I like playing with bokeh
-Hexanon 40mm-
 Like a scene out of a movie
-Rokkor 50mm-

Smiles are free and make people happy
-Rokkor 50mm-

Like racing cars waiting for the signal
-Rokkor 50mm-
 Can't believe the sharpness of this 35-odd-year old lens
-Rokkor 50mm-
 A light moment
-Rokkor 50mm-

-Hexanon 40mm-

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