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Expensive Smartphones

Etched by Isaac

Just the other day, my friends and I were walking around Mid Valley Megamall. Along the way, we entered a Samsung store where the flagship Galaxy S4 was in display. A salesman sidled up as we started talking amongst ourselves.

Timothy asked whether anyone wanted to upgrade (between the five of us, we had three S2s and one S3).
I immediately replied with "Actually this phone is very expensive. For RM2199, I can build a desktop PC for gaming, WITH monitor included."

The others all agreed with me, and the salesman just walked off without saying anything. Hahaha. I guess customers like me are too much trouble to handle. Actually it's just because I'm aware of hardware prices and relative values of items. A regular customer might think that it's justifiable to spend that amount of money on a flagship phone. I see it from a different point of view - with the fast turnover rate now, I would be better served to wait for a new flagship to be launched, then only purchase the older flagship model, which would still be as awesome as it was when it was launched.

Having said that, I regret buying my S2 for RM1899 back then but two years ago, it represented a safe bet and compromise between saving money and future-proofing my phone. Right now I still get updates for my phone, unlike almost all other android models launched that year.

If I do get a new phone in the distant future, it will be a Nokia Lumia. Just plain awesome. Pureview 1020 and Lumia 925 are both great phone models. Not just because I like taking photographs, but because they offer viable competition to the already-saturated Samsung/Apple high-end smartphone market.

Windows Phone is definitely not as robust as it's two main competitors, but it does have all the essential apps, and after using Android for two years, I find that it's much more important to have fewer apps that can do more than more apps that do less.

The past couple of weeks or so have been like holidays for me. I spend my time playing badminton, taking photographs, hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing Borderlands 2, and just relaxing. God is good. There's just another semester to go until I complete the first phase of the medical programme here at IMU Bukit Jalil. This semester will be intensely practical in nature, with hospital rounds and OSCEs for assessment.

I am very happy with PayPal as they have refunded my payment of about 40GBP to as my two lenses never did arrive. If they do arrive, then they're effectively free for me. PayPal Buyer Protection Policy is an awesome thing for customers, like me. I opened a PayPal dispute case, then escalated it to a claim when the seller did not reply, then in about a week, the case was resolved in my favour. Hurrah! I get to reduce the total amount of money spent on photographic equipment.

So far the GX1 has been performing spectacularly. However, manual lenses do not do well when used by people who don't normally use manual lenses. I resort to swapping back to the autofocus lens when I pass the camera to someone to snap a group picture. It's a lot easier. However, when I'm handling the camera, I try to stick to the old lenses, just to force myself to use a prime lens. Photography is different with prime lenses.

I find people interesting to watch, especially in public. Human behaviour is very interesting. Just take a look around the next time you are free or idle in public. There is much to be observed all around.

Soon it will be Raya and this time I'm having a proper holiday. Badminton, computer games, photography, internet, food, friends, and sleep. What else could I ask for? Haha.

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