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1:23 PM

I finished my report!

Etched by Isaac

FINALLY. The report is done, and it's 72 pages thick. 72 pieces of paper. I find it a waste that double-sided printing isn't allowed. Well, one has to comply to the rules. 

Brief update of what's going on here right now.
Currently I'm undergoing a selective on Transplant Pathology. Plenty of organs to talk about. The previous two days were poster presentation days. Report is due tomorrow (just printed) and exam is tomorrow too. The next three weeks will be dedicated to the art of clinical skills. After that comes the three-week posting to Johor. Absolutely essential to get the internal medicine theory part ready. (oh no)

I had the chance to spend Raya in Singapore (another post later on). Had my first solo tripod photography outing, and it was exhilarating. Walking about in the dead of the night alone in a foreign land... (wah so dramatic)

I have realised that I really like reading up stuff about old classic lenses. Must be the buzz of knowing that such stuff exists, and still works, and that I can get my hands on them! With enough money, of course. Have to save and save and save and save.

Time really flies, and as each day passes, I get nearer and nearer to completion of IMU Phase 1. The results of the twinning matching programme will be out in about mid-October. No complaints actually, as anywhere is good. =)

These are random pictures from the past 3-4 weeks or so. Haha.

From the sole session we had - the most hardworking was Shi Han, and the others were basically having fun. Actually, we all had plenty of fun. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The number of "ha"s does not do our fun justice. Hahahahaha. Serious work needed in future. Now we relax a lil

 The view of the hall straining to catch a glimpse of the elusive CPR. Hahahaha.

The crowd at the Poster Presentation. Should've brought my camera. Argh.

I call this the Kind Waffle.

The completed, printed, adjusted, stacked, aiyoh, Report. 

Coffee powder from Bali =) 

 This was a sleeping pigeon. I shot it at ISO4000, and for that setting, it's crazy sharp. Hahaha.

Met with one of HK's upcoming tycoons! Hahaha. 

Had the chance to photograph Vanessa outside Pavilion =)

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