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3:40 PM

Singapore with Friends

Etched by Isaac

So I had the opportunity to stay in Singapore for the Raya break. I have to thank my kind host, Timothy for putting up with me for nine whole days including two 5-hour bus rides. Hahaha. We had plenty of fun anyhow. Great trip! =D

This shall be mainly a picture post. I shall divide the pictures into categories.
Category #1 - Super Tourist Mode Shots!

This was at Changi Airport. The moving drops looked nice =)

Random photos I took while walking about. It was a good exercise in composition.

This - I purposely moved to the centre of the road to snap. Hahahaha.

I like these panning pictures. What better way then to take pictures while waiting for the bus?

Then there was this moment I captured outside a MRT station. Random stranger gesturing goodbye.

Fishes.. they swim serenely.

I'm still very happy with this purchase. One of these is mine! What a bargain. =D
Last few units in Singapore too (only the red version is 48% off)

This place was all sold out when we got there. =/ 

 And a random vehicle that caught my attention from inside the bus. It looks like a homemade truck.

Category #2 - Food Shots!
Note: "Food" doesn't necessarily mean I ate it. Haha.

Cheese Fries round #1. (3 in total)

I will remember Dennis' reaction to this picture - "WHOAA!! His camera can capture STEAM!!" =D
Awesome fish noodles =) Commonwealth Food Market

Hash Browns at 5 in the morning when we sent Ruth off at the airport. =)

Bangers and butter =D

Tiong Bahru Market Shih Kueh. I ate and ate and ate.

Cold Stone Creamery ice cream. Very very creamy indeed. 

I was wondering why the place was named "Forty Hands" and till now I still don't know. =.=

Skinny Pizza! Best pizza I have ever had.

the European, at Wild Honey. Atas atas place.

Didn't know Din Tai Fung's Xiao Long Bao was miniaturised here.

 Best $1 spent - along Orchard Rd.

Butterfly / Butt bun place.. hahahahaha

Was lucky enough to visit Red Star Restaurant.
Classic Cantonese fare, indeed. Epic taste.

 Why can't MOS Burger come to Malaysia? 
It beats all the competition.. =/

This was in a display case. Hahaha. Awfully Chocolate I believe.

Category #3 - People Shots!
as in, people I know.

Tintin spotted in Singapore!!
Yes, we wandered around. It was fun.


There was this interesting thing


Category #4 - The Solo Night Trip
11pm - 1.30am. I really like the way the coloured lights reflect off the water. So smooth, with long exposures. I was using a light tripod, and my kitlens. Pretty good for a first-timer =D Hurrah.
Twas the night before the National Day Parade and I saw army people guarding goodie bags. Hahaha.

Great pictures, great food, great fun and great friends =)
Thank God for a great Raya =D

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