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12:54 AM

A Many Photo Post

Etched by Isaac

I have not had the chance to blog for quite a while, due to multiple factors which include my increased expenditure of time on photography, badminton and Borderlands 2. Oh, and the fact that I'm currently entering the third week of a three-week hospital posting in Kluang, Johor. 

To spruce up my blog, I shall upload a photographic summary of what has been happening around me. =D
On another note, I find that taking pictures with the manual mode on my GX1 has forced me to become a better photographer, and that this particular skill set has been transferred to my usage of my smaller TZ25, as will be seen in the next post with pictures from Kluang (all taken with the smaller camera)

I find that time passes too fast, and that God wants to teach me patience through what has been happening to me in the past 12 months. I learn, but slowly. Patience is a difficult lesson to learn, but it is worthwhile.

For now, these are the photos, mostly taken with the GX1.

Final Night Rally of the Pentecostal World Conference

The atmosphere was thick with the tangible presence of God

This speaker is on fire for God! 

 Altar Call. 

And a speaker came to my church. Still amazed by what God is doing all around the world right now =)

I had the privilege to go on a photoshoot with Jack Kee =D
We walked around our school life area. It was a nostalgic trip, and a very nice one too.

Shrunken field.

Down memory lane.  

We visited KLCC

Photographing the photographer 

 Fly the flag, and fly it high.

 This was taken by Jack Kee. Haha :D

Jack Kee's new camera. =D

Badminton, and the challenge of indoor sports photography. 

(I only watermark photos that I took myself)

Managed to cover part of the Orientation. It was fun =D

Very pleased with these action shots. Taken with available light (actually very very dim).


 Team Rocket!

 Guan Yan lives on. =P


 This sketch was epic. Super Mario creators would be proud.

 Mario dumping the princess whom he saved from a mushroom
"You were captured by something that goes on a salad" - epic line

 Somehow all the great ideas are repeated.

 And that would be Shi Han with Tim's money. Hahahaha

And more random photos. 

 Poster presentation Day

the Mugi. =D

 Wee getting a haircut at Hang Tuah. 

 Coffee from Bali from Shi Han =)

 I met Vanessa, and sent her off, again. Soon soon. 

 Din Tai Fung Fried Rice of Happiness. =P

Mummy made char siew!

Shi Han's latest hobby - Singing 

I shot the MRR2 from the side.

And part of the Pasar Seni murals

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