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12:16 AM

Picture Post - Kluang

Etched by Isaac

This shall be a condensed version of what we did at Kluang. (Basically a lot of food and fun, before, during and after our hospital hours)

Room 303. Makeshift clothesline hurrah =D

 Watermelon eaters.
 Chong Rui finishing his Lui Cha soup

Must-have: Tan Li Seng classic brewed coffee

and half-boiled eggs
 Caffeine shortage in hospital. =P


The skies are beautiful in Kluang.

 Quirky but cosy hotel we had

Quirky daily traffic light

We were lucky enough to be there for the local festivities. These are murals, painted to spruce up old storefronts.

More food =D food is cheap and large in portion. Causes increase in weight.

 Faces and expressions. My cup of tea.

This was a great picture =D

Sahan gets a new profile picture =P
 Like a bunch of grapes, they are.
 Ruth and the flip! =P

 Looking down, staring up

 We visited Batu Pahat.

Monopoly Deal was a major source of entertainment and bonding for our three weeks.
 RM3 Fruit Juice is AWESOME

Batu Pahat has nice sunsets too =)

 Sunrise from the hotel in Kluang

Epic Wan Tan Mee

The Hotel.
 More faces and expressions. Phoebe on the phone. 

 A very happy Shi Han. =D
 Fly the flags!

 Panning with my TZ25. Felt great. =D
 Beautiful sky

Food at the Star Restaurant.
 Us with our kind lecturers and coordinator
 Batu Pahat duck noodles

And hot sky

All the pictures were taken with my TZ25. Still impressed with the improvement in skills which apparently trickled down from manual usage of the GX1 over 3 months.

Kluang posting was a great experience, and probably one that I will remember for a long, long time. It was very fun, and I thank God for great friends, protection and journey mercy. Much was learnt over the three weeks, and much was accomplished. Wisdom is in order.

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