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2:27 PM

Exams tomorrow

Etched by Isaac

So it all boils down to this - one and a half hours of theory questions split into three portions of different question types for my examination which will be tomorrow. 

Then on Wednesday and Thursday there will be OSCEs which are basically like station games, except exam marks are awarded and you can't exactly screw up without there being consequences. 

However, all I can think about is what will happen after the exams are over. Yes, there are a few trips, outings and meet-ups planned, but I am sure I will miss all this: Friends at IMU. Over the past two and a half years, God has blessed me with great friends indeed. Sadly, after this, everyone will be everywhere. At least those who live in the Klang Valley are somewhat nearer, but it obviously won't be the same as when we all came to IMU for classes and other stuff. 

I will miss the fun, camaraderie, joy and laughter which we had (and will still have, hopefully, in future meetings), but life has to go on... we can't stay at Bukit Jalil forever. The future will be interesting. I hope to spend my ten months of break relatively wisely, and maybe earn some extra pocket money by taking up a job or two. There's always the fear of forgetting what I've learnt if I don't take time to revise. But all that can be worried about after this Thursday. Speaking of which, I have to prepare for my IELTS after this examination is over. 

Exams exams exams. If I could do it all over again, I'd probably spend my time in IMU differently, but, ah well. No use crying over spilt milk. But God has been faithful, probably more faithful than I deserve to be a recipient of. 

The equipment is ready, but just maybe, the heart isn't.

Oh, and btw I discovered that I have about 2/3 of the symptoms of clinical depression, and 2/3 of the symptoms of schizophrenia. Maybe I am a crazy psychotic schizophrenic depressed person after all. Or maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm normal. Hahaha Vanessa and I agreed that to be in medicine, knowing what lies ahead in life for you, requires you to be insane. We can hence deduce that we have a society of insane doctors diagnosing sane people with insanity. Ooo. Ironic much. 

I will blog more after exams. Oh, and if Nigel ever reads this, it WILL rain. Muahahahaha =P

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