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11:08 AM

Pre-Post-Exam Period

Etched by Isaac

Yes, my exams are over, finally. Now I'm in the post-examination phase of missing my friends who are all going everywhere. Why are there so few of them from the Klang Valley? I don't know. Anyway I recently got back from four days in Penang for a food/road trip, and my IELTS speaking exam is on Monday, and I'm still sick (no... how to do speaking exam if no voice?) so I thought I'd throw up a quick post here before I start my day with Photoshop.

 Since I spend so much on equipment, I should invest in my Photoshop skills as well.
Here's to better pictures from now on!

 In retrospect, we were actually quite epic with our practices. 
How did we handle 11 people? 
== Tricks of the trade ==
I miss them already. =/

Nasi lemak stowaway 

A gift from Ruth. =D

I will definitely blog more but for now, I shall be with Photoshop.

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