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12:09 AM

Chasing after a Bus

Etched by Isaac

Somehow there's something extremely invigorating about what I did this morning.

I chased after a bus. Literally ran sprinted after it, and caught it.

And it was in front of KLCC. I felt so alive after that. It's HOLIDAY! The feeling of having holidays is long overdue, about three weeks now I think. I've been so busy doing things that I haven't even had the time to sleep a single eight-hour stretch. It's not that I'm averse to sleeping properly, but there are so many other things to do that demand my time, hence I end up sleeping less.

I reached a peak in my distress level last night. I was SO fed up of being the organiser of events. It seems that without my pushing people, nothing gets done. Or so it has been for most of what has happened over the past five or six years. Last night, I told myself, I QUIT.

And I went this morning to book a badminton court despite all the vitriol I threw at myself the previous night. But today was a good day. I got my IELTS results (good enough and pretty surprising considering the little preparation I had) and I got to take pictures of KLCC, which I will upload here one fine day but not today, AND I got to run after the bus.

You will probably think it's weird for me to emphasise the running after a bus, but you'll only understand it if you do it yourself. There's nothing quite like the experience of chasing a bus, especially if you really want to board it (probably to save time not waiting for another to arrive). Before I chased the bus, I was enjoying myself just hanging around, looking for interesting angles to shoot KLCC from. Just my camera and I, nothing else. It did help that there were relatively few pedestrians at that time. My camera may not be expensive compared to most, but it is still my precious.

Speaking of 'my precious', I must say that the Hobbit - the Desolation of Smaug is an outstanding movie. Hands down easily the best movie this year. The Hunger Games comes in at a close second, and both succeed in the terrible deed of making the audience ache when it ends; we want the story to go on - and for that, we must endure the agony of waiting for the next movie to be released.

Besides the two movies I watched, the time since the examinations ended has flown by at breakneck speed. It's like I blinked and poof, all was gone. But much has happened in this relatively short time frame.

-A group of us went to Penang and ate plenty of food.
-I prepared for, and sat for IELTS, and obtained my results.
-I prepared for, and did my first peer tutoring session and am happy to say that I am now a qualified peer tutor!
-Also, I found a job by the grace of God, working in IMU, and will be there for about half a year.
-Did my digital backup of pictures and other stuff.
-Attended (and organised) gatherings and took photos of various friends in various places.
-Played Badminton!

There's still so much to do in such a short time and everyone's going everywhere. I have high hopes for the rest of December, and 2014, and beyond. God is good, has always been and will always be. Christmas is always full of joy and cheer and great food. However, it marks the end of yet another year and I am reminded that time is passing, quickly. Perhaps too quickly for my liking.

Next year will be filled with challenges of its own. New beginnings, new people and new rulings. I will miss the camaraderie of the old, but the new must take its place, and the old will remain, in heart and in mind.

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