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10:31 PM

Last Christmas Eve - Trees

Etched by Isaac

... was a memorable one because...

I made Christmas trees out of paper and glue! With a new-found friend (my mini-boss), Alicia. Hahahaha. She was the person in charge of bringing me up to pace with my role at the workplace. I have to thank God for providing me with an opening for a job. Now I'm an admissions assistant at IMU.

The job is actually a very busy one, but I enjoy myself because it involves mind-stimulating tasks, rather than the more boring data entry and logistics/office boy variants (no offense to the other departments, lol). I just think I wouldn't survive long doing the same thing day in and day out. No, no and no.

One of the trees we made. Teaching her how to do origami was fun. Hahaha. =D

With Alicia
Happy to make more friends outside of the medical student circle. =)
Extra points for her bubbly character and positive can-do attitude

 She's definitely a natural. Hahaha =D

The workplace will never be the same again without her. She's back in class. Nooo.. 
Now I've been working for two weeks, I realise that time passes extremely fast if I don't plan any activities for myself to carry out. EXTREMELY fast. I thank God for really nice colleagues and boss (actual boss). 

I have a lot more to blog about but at the moment I'm still mulling over Flickr. Should I move my photos to Flickr? It has way more flexibility and capability for long-term photo storage unlike Facebook. Also, there's one free terabyte of space. Yes, one whole terabyte. 

I think I'll probably put some of the nicer shots there. But slowly. Have yet to finish reading the comprehensive list of FAQs and terms of service and all on their site. But I certainly like the large photo layout. So so much nicer to look at than Facebook. 

Now to go back to my photos. Hahaha. 2014 will be an awesome year! =D

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