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7:56 PM

Contact Lenses

Etched by Isaac

Today marks the first time in seventeen years of wearing spectacles that I am able to see clearly without them.

Contact Lenses! Such a wide world now. Such torture to put on and to remove too.
We'll see how all this goes. Hahaha.

Mainly because I'm participating in the upcoming Easter production at my church (back in the time of Jesus, spectacles weren't invented yet)

Personally I think I look better with glasses. =/
But that's probably because I have always been wearing them so I'm used to them.

So much more to blog about but no time because... I have pictures to edit and upload etc and other stuff to do. God has been good, as always. I think I have a backlog of 700+ pictures to upload here for posts. =/ that's going to take quite a while. Should get started soon. (but I will never finish playing the games I got from my three Humble Bundles, nooooooo)

Things are looking good in the world of Micro Four Thirds.
Am looking forward to the Panasonic-Leica 15mm f/1.7 lens!
Am also saving up for it, should it impress the critics who will review it in depth. It's either that lens, or the 25/1.4 or 20/1.7 for the next lens purchase. Can probably buy both for the price of the Pana-Leica though. =/

Chinese New Year was a good time of celebration and food with friends and family. Probably my last in Malaysia for three years =/

My contact lenses are weird. Need some getting used to.
Now to continue editing pictures.

I shall upload just one picture

Epic fanboy moment when a high-profile photographer follows me back on Flickr!
Although I guess he probably follows whoever follows him, but still. 

2 opinions:

Alien Magician said...

lol after say three hours or so of wearing them you're not gonna notice they're there haha. oooo who are you playing btw??

Isaac said...

haha the only trouble is with putting them on and taking them off. Having them already on isn't any issue. I'm the lame man. :D