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12:02 AM

The Choice 2014

Etched by Isaac

I have been really overdue in my blogging. Have always wanted to get round to doing it but never did.

The past few weeks have been extremely hectic. Time is short as we have been practicing thrice every week for the upcoming Easter musical, The Choice! =D

I have always wanted to be involved in my church musicals, and this was my chance, as I probably won't be able to be directly involved (read: ON STAGE FRONT) for a long, long time.

For this play, I have learnt to wear contact lenses, and sing, dance and act.
Now the difficult part - getting people to come.

For the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. We pray hard for souls to be saved. We put in hard effort to pull a play together, but it would be all for naught if the message of Easter never reached peoples' hearts; if it didn't touch someone's life, then all this would be just another show.

I thank God for a great saturation day at IMU today. I never knew that I had it in me to talk to complete strangers and engage them well enough to get them to want to come. It certainly helped that we had favour with a businessperson, and that I'm working in IMU as people have seen me around before. Also, talking to strangers for admission's purposes helped me a lot.

Now that the stage is set, we need to pray even harder, for the Holy Spirit to work His way in peoples' hearts. May they come and hear the great news, and may their lives be changed. Malaysia is fertile ground.

We need to reap the harvest.
It is here, it is NOW.

Come and be blessed!

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