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7:31 PM


Etched by Isaac

Sometimes, in life, we think we're like the cube on the left - mostly sorted out, and at least the pieces are starting to come together. But then we discover (usually out of the blue although we saw it coming) that we're more like the cube on the right - an even larger mess.

But the bright side is that anything can happen in the future.
Or that God has a plan.

i don't know anything anymore.

i am sad. 

Sometimes we cry not only for what we have lost, but for the loss of familiarity.
We cry because we don't want to leave our comfort zones.
We cry simply because we can't imagine a world without that someone or something.
We cry because it makes us feel better after we're done with crying.

but when i cry, i don't know why it won't stop; it's like my heart is going to burst into a million tears.
but God gives and God takes away.

and i have to learn it, probably the hard way.
but thank you for at least having the decency to call me. i appreciate it. =) and thank you for everything. Everything. =D And thank you for telling me that there was definitely way more good than bad. That means a lot to me. It really does. i guess, as cliched it may sound, all good things must come to an end. After four and a half years.

but He holds the future in His hands.
And maybe, just maybe. You never know.

because i made a promise. 
and that promise, i shall keep. 

2 opinions:

Alien Magician said...

*lots of big hugs*

God bless you and keep you :)

Isaac said...

thanks =) God bless you and keep you too