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12:48 AM

New Specs!

Etched by Isaac

After 7 years?

Mummy said it's time to make new glasses, before I go to the UK because it's definitely going to be cheaper here. So we went to the optometrist and after much debate, I ended up with this:

I look so different. Note to self: this is a rare selfie of myself.

These are super lightweight (but then again, anything compared to my old glasses is lightweight).
And SO CLEAR! Carl Zeiss Vision lenses, 2nd thinnest because thinnest is just too expensive.

I could get used to wearing these. =D

A little advertising for the great optometrist. =D
 At certain angles, the Z is visible.
 Gotta go easy on these - they ain't cheap. Will probably resort to cheaper cleaning methods once these are gone.

On a side note, I'm fed-up with house-hunting in Brighton. Everything is just SO expensive. Praying for a miracle.

8 opinions:

Alien Magician said...

oooooo they look nice :)
much clean and shiny haha

Isaac said...

Yes they are! :D scared to touch the lenses though. So shiny. :D shiny...

Alien Magician said...

haha i understand. if i had lenses like that i'd NEVER touch them at all lol

Isaac said...

but they'd get dirty, and require cleaning. Not much choice. Haha

Alien Magician said...

nah if it requires cleaning i'd make an exception. anything that makes them more sheen-y :D

Isaac said...

shiny is the word :D

Alien Magician said...

shiny is nice but sheeny gives the sparkly impression haha

Isaac said...

hmmm glitteresque. =P fake words galore.
Shimmering sheeny snazzy bedazzle.