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12:40 AM

He gives and takes away (Updated)

Etched by Isaac

[It has now been a month or so since I wrote this post, now to update it because it seems that the giving and taking away continued and probably won't stop]

A very quick summary of the past six days or so.

  1. I had my very first two tooth fillings.
  2. I had an excruciatingly painful scaling after the fillings.
  3. I had my teeth polished (SHINY!)
  4. Vanessa and I broke up
  5. I cried more in one day than I ever do in like ten years. 
  6. My trustworthy SGS2 died, literally, on me.
  7. The train died after the S2 died.
  8. I was late for my meeting (with the Brighton programme coordinator) AND my phone was dead.
  9. Watched every step I made, literally. Can't afford to fall down or get mugged now.
  10. Meeting went well, thank God, although I was late. 
  11. We found a new washing machine to replace the one that died recently!
  12. Fretted over having to buy a new phone because I didn't plan or budget for one. Ended up deciding to save as much money as possible.
  13. Found an AP S2 for RM499 in a seedy dealer's shop in Chow Kit (yes, in Chow Kit). Located via 
  14. Now I have two spare batteries! Set up phone, with NOVA LAUNCHER OMG. Nova!
  15. Discovered that this non-G version of the S2 practically drinks battery juice like there's no 12 hours of future. 
  16. Realised that when things go wrong, they go wrong pretty quickly. And sometimes it's an attack by the devil. 
  17. Waited for result of Gordon's IMU Scholarship with bated breath.
AND IT CAME!! Praise the LORD! :D

---An elated Gordon over the phone with Ms Elaine--

My phones.
Batteries, now-defunct S2 G version, new AP S2 non-G version, everlasting Nokia 5320 =D

(18.) And I just finished all my packing! Cubes =)

Coolangatta / Gold Coast, here I come! Pretty excited =D

i'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when i'll be back again.

In conclusion, I push myself to take a lesson from Job - he lost everything yet refused to curse/blame God.


19. Had an AMAZING time in Australia! So much, literally, and such blessings and such grace shown. The pictures are still in processing and I'll take a while more to complete. (started with 1700++)

--at the park in Glenwood, Sydney--
20. Second day at Australia, my laptop died.

21. I bought a great weather and windproof Kathmandu jacket at 60% discount! Nat's favourite shop and he found the deal =D The jacket was tested at Blue Mountain, and yes, it held up amazingly well.

22. Nathaniel's aunt gave me a jar of Mudgee Strawberry Honey!

23. Nathaniel's uncle gave me TWO photography books. I had actually placed the book I was reading back on the shelf, and when we got back from sending Shi Han back, the book was back out on the table, with another one, and the next morning (3 hours later lol), before we left Sydney, Aunty Elaine said I'm supposed to take them with me. Such grace shown.

24. I bought a very nice piece of luggage at a good price, and I have Ruth to thank for everything =) THANK YOU RUTH. I shall call it, Das Minion =D it just needs a face now. Hahaha.

MINION! Bright Banana Yellow - Bright Colours for Brighton

24. Nat's mum gave me an unused Canon DSLR (I know, OMG thank you aunty!)

25. I flew back to KL and fixed up my laptop, and was told by my mother to buy a new one and she gave me a very generous budget. I never did plan to replace my laptop but because Gordon was given the scholarship, my mum now gave me money for a laptop. I started my research immediately =D decided on an Illegear.

26. Managed to settle my UK Visa application and stuff, then accepted free M&Ms on the way to KLCC, ate a packet, and got hit by food poisoning. The toilet was my best friend for the next three days, while breathing was a pain simply because I was so bloated. =/

27. Just recovered then Ruth and Nat called from Aussie and we chatted. Unfortunately, my AP S2 (for the 3rd time) didn't work properly - they couldn't hear my voice. The call went on on another phone and they mentioned that I should get the phone fixed or replaced here where it's cheaper and easier to do so. That night, I backed up my data and then slept.

28. When I woke up, my phone was dead. Not totally, as I would discover that it still worked, but heats up scarily very quickly. However, I had lost the RM499 gamble. =(  After much sadness over having to spend more money (I feel even worse when the money isn't money I worked for), and much discussion with Mummy, I decided on getting a new S4. But before that, I did some tinkering.

--the insides of the S2s--

29. Went to Lowyat (again) and bought a S4 from the actual Samsung shop. Thank God for Raya promo, so it was RM1499, with a free screen protector and case.

 --the updated phone progression--

30. Settled Gordon's new laptop set-up, and put down the order for mine, visited their very luxurious showroom in Damansara, and got my laptop last Saturday. So far, it's been a blast =) Windows 8.1 however, isn't. But the laptop is a marvel for the price. Nothing like it in the same price bracket. Total cost - RM4365

--my RK-15! Lighter than my old laptop! Speaker quality can't beat the Asus though but ah well--

And for now, that concludes my story. I don't know what's next, but I'm sure it's something big. Humans are like that - only when you lose something do you learn to appreciate what you have.

Seems that I thought I learnt patience the hard way and I was wrong - I am still learning patience the hard way.

Oh, and it's now less than a month till I fly to Brighton. So many things to do, so little time. >.<
I plan to blog more to catch up before I get left behind yet again, but for now, it's time to sleep.

Tomorrow, Lowyat, Again (the salespeople must be wondering what's wrong with this guy).

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Alien Magician said...


Isaac said...

trading my sorrows indeed =)

Alien Magician said...

God knoweth what He is doing :)

speaking of which, God bless thee in the next phase of med life :)

Isaac said...

thanks Joash :D
i hope you're doing well yourself over there. Time is passing too quickly. God is good. Has always been, will always be. =)

Alien Magician said...

as well as i can be :)
it certainly is...everyone's leaving. things aren't what they used to be. but homeostasis isn't for us :P

yay all the time :D

Isaac said...

haha yeah. But we'll be back (mostly i guess). Hmm go look up the Don Moen version. :D