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11:42 PM


Etched by Isaac

This is to remind myself that only those with experience will know that those river rocks, smooth and sleek as they are - with the cool river water flowing around and over them, are not as safe as they appear to be; if enough heat is applied, these smooth rocks will explode suddenly.

Also, I am reminded that I once did give marching drill commands.

In retrospect, today was an interesting day although yes, yelling at Annabel over the phone loud enough to necessitate my disembarking from the LRT so the other passengers wouldn't have to stare, followed by yelling loud enough for the ENTIRE LRT platform to hear me, at her, wasn't the most polite thing I've ever done in my short lifetime.

Literally all the frustration and anger from the past two months was compressed and thrown at her.
And she did deserve it too. Ironic that she managed to make me so angry. I didn't even feel anger anywhere near this level throughout my break-up with Vanessa.

After all, some people need a good yelling-at once in a while simply because they've never gotten any, being the irresponsible cowards they are.

Such is life.

2 opinions:

Alien Magician said...

sounds bad =/ here, have an ice cream :D

Isaac said...

thanks. :D *eats ice cream*