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1:04 AM

the empty wall

Etched by Isaac

So I finally brought myself to take it down and put it away, carefully, in my cupboard. I reckoned, it was time, and that it should not be delayed any longer. However, as each piece of Blu-Tack came off, I felt sad. How could I not? It had been there, watching over me through all the times of my university life thus far, ever since she left. I'd carried it home carefully from the airport the night she flew off, feeling happy that she made me a keepsake to remember her. And yes, it will always bring back those moments we spent together. Happy moments, sad moments, but definitely more good than bad throughout those moments.

So I learnt something more - that when it comes to a battle between the heart and the brain, the heart will almost always win. However, the heart is not the brain and the heart knows no reason and logically therefore the heart is dumb. So I thought we should always follow our hearts, but be careful and wise in doing so.

Together with the keepsake, went another keepsake. The future Valentine's Days will be very different from now on. For now Isaac has history; bits and pieces slowly being gathered together in a common enclosure, waiting to be retrieved in the future.

I met her two days ago. She was just as beautiful as before, if not more so. We had a good talk and I guess, I got my closure. Two hearts once beat as one, now two hearts set apart.

--I guess we've come full circle--

I hope she likes her birthday present.
Personally couriered to Penang for her k. =P
Hahahaha. I guess it'll be a long long time till I do stuff like this again.

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