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8:59 AM

Beginning Brighton

Etched by Isaac

I have so much to blog about but not enough time at the moment to do it.
Hence, this picture post.
But basically after all the drama, we finally ended up with the initial 4-bed house we put the deposit down for, and are paying for it (3 of us paying for a 4-bed house).

Thank God for providence and favour.

Life in Brighton is good. There's plenty of food (and it's relatively cheap to buy groceries, but about 20-30x more expensive to eat out so I'm camping in the kitchen for almost all my meals). I have good housemates. The only quibble is that I'd like to listen to less complaints. I pray against a complaining spirit. It drags down the soul and fouls the mood. Uplifting things make my day - cooking is a great way to feed myself (weird pun).

At times, I withdraw from human contact simply because there are better things to do with my life than listen to endless complaints and gossip. I believe there are better things to talk about.

Googled up badminton courts and prices. My goodness. It's about the same as back home, dollar for dollar. That comes up to about RM75 for a 2 hour session with 4 people. Badminton is on hold for now until further notice. There are people who play regularly so I'll be in contact with them.

I daresay I'm integrating alright with the local students. I learnt recently that "going out" means "going to the club for the night and drinking". It reinforced my views of clubbing - that I dislike it because it combines everything I don't like: alcohol, dancing, loud music, wacky lights, being drunk and spending money to do all that. Alcohol is cheap in the UK. But my Brita Jug makes water amazingly soft. :D Hard water is a pain.

Entering Morrisons is dangerous because I almost always leave with more than I intended to buy.
Today I got my 2 litres of high-quality ice cream (which was 50% off by the way, and only £3 for 2 litres, hurrah). Earlier in the day, I went in for fruits and vegetables to fend off illness. The number of people coughing in the lecture theatre is just too high.

Speaking of smoking, I daresay it's possible to die of secondhand smoke in Brighton.
So many smokers, so many tattoos, so many earrings and piercings. The culture in this part of the UK is like that. Alcohol in abundance too. Dogs too. And same-sex couples and the rest of the alternative lifestyle community.

Not judging is pretty much a lie.

I discovered Amazon and its quick deliveries.
And we got Internet today. The cheapest broadband here is £15.40 a month, and gives us 18Mbps speed, which is roughly triple the basic UniFi back home so nobody's complaining although fibre optics would yield about 40Mbps for about double the price

There's no place like home. Shops and stuff close early here and there's no way I can go find a mamak to eat roti canai and tosei at 1.00 in the morning.

Evaluating the merits of being overseas for clinical training, my opinion is that I would probably be better trained to work in Malaysia if I was trained back in Seremban. Seremban people have it hard. My problem will be to adapt to the system once I'm back. Considering doing my electives back home to ease the process of adapting. Here everybody is so supportive and they want us to keep asking questions if we don't know and it's alright to not know. Back home, there's no such thing; we're expected to know everything and will be mocked if we fail to live up to the expectations. But it makes us stronger. Here we're not supposed to keep things (i.e. problems) to ourselves - we're supposed to go see student support.

Regarding the whole Annabel drama and the fact that now she's not on talking terms with me and that made it super weird when she visited the house and I said hello to her and she didn't even look at me reinforced my stand that I'm 23 and don't have the time to play childish games. Learning to bear the fruits of the Spirit is really difficult. However, the part of me that wanted to make peace eventually drew me to my room to eat my lunch alone. The other part of me wanted to assert myself saying that if she can't be civilised then she's not welcome in this house. But nope, I have to be better than her.

Every strand of my being strains to not throw sarcastic remarks at her. Now is the best time since she can't respond due to her own self-imposed rules. So tempting. But nope, I shall be a blessing, not a curse.

Found a nearby AoG church and will probably be going there - Centrechurch Kemptown Brighton. :D

Now to pictures.

--Leaving Malaysia. KLIA, this time it was my turn to be sent off-- I miss home already --

 --Pretty cool information--
 --post-13 hour flight faces--
 --'twas cool for my name to be on the card--
 --our taxi driver, Vladimir (yes, amazing name!)--
 --the Swiss knife-- reminds me of home so I carry it everyday--

--random miscellaneous stuff on the guesthouse bed--

--trust me, Cross Street Guesthouse is quaint and rustic yet well-kept and clean, and the breakfast is superb (although now I can do something myself similar for a fraction of the cost)--

--This was us, with hopeful faces, hoping to find a house that day. We didn't succeed, but walked a lot--
 --Brighton beach is made up of pebbles, so there's literally no sand to clean off once you stand up--
 --Nages taking a picture of the vintage cars down there. Apparently we flew in bang smack in the middle of an annual event--
 --my mother says it looks like a pasar malam. Hahahaha!--
 --We all found this interesting--
 --One of the parks in Brighton--
 --the iconic UK red postbox--
 --the name of this installation is "TAY". I dislike it. Lol.--
 --I literally walked into the Jamie Oliver cafe and took this shot and walked out. Nages was quite surprised that I dared to do that. Lol. Muka tebal much.--
 --This is Chris.--
 --Breakfast at Cross Street Guesthouse--
 --Barclays is impressive--
 --we actually bought pillows before we found a house--
 --I found this pot interesting. It was inside the Italian place below the guesthouse--
 --Pizza by the beach. The girls were freezing. I re-validated my challenge of Mother Nature--
 --Assassin's Creed Pizza Version =P--
 --Heh. Pizza by the beach day. :D --
 --Looking around--
 --At night--
 --Everybody wants to take photos--
 --With my food. The Regency Restaurant is a great place to eat the seafood that Brighton is famous for.--
 --Moving to the house. There was a drama involving running to catch a taxi, missing a taxi, getting another taxi, then moving stuff.--
 --The huge spiderweb--
 --The house looked like this--
 --We found the house!--
 --And proceeded to purchasing cleaning equipment--
 --Nages throwing the mattress cover thingy downstairs.--

--And this is my room! Before rearrangement and cleaning--
 --After rearrangement and cleaning :D --
 --Ironically, it's the same IKEA wardrobe I helped Nat assemble in Seremban just a week before this--

--I like £2 coins!--

--The Gulls' home stadium, near the Falmer campus, with the train station in the foreground--

 --Panorama of the field.--

--This is in the AEB - Audrey Emerton Building - basically where almost all our lectures will take place--
 --North Street at Night--

--We explored--

--the sunsets are beautiful but still nothing beats home and Gold Coast. =P --
 --with Julian, a very helpful ex-IMU senior--
 --he brought us to an Oriental food supermarket where I bought corn starch flour and Korean mee, and we saw this-- Exotic fruit much --
 --This was at Nando's. Nothing is spicy compared to back home--
 --with the locals who volunteered to be our buddies. God bless them--
 --Drama?-- Interestingly, they're Sri Lankan. Sri Lankans are everywhere. =P --
 --This is the Brighton Pavilion. I thought it was a mosque. It holds much historical importance to the locals.--
 --My food pictures start--
 --Looks very Malaysian. :D--
 --This is what the largest lecture theatre in the building looks like, from the back--
 --Big Haul! 12.5 kgs of Potatoes :D --

--Castle of potatoes!-- Many meals have since been made with potatoes --

 --This wasn't one of them-- I like timing myself to see how long I take to cook --
 --Beef Stew!--
 --Interesting street art--

--Next to Churchill Square--
 --Bicycles are common here--
 --In the distance, the Pier--
 --Bangers and mash served with shrooms on a large bed of lettuce--
 --2nd round of mashed potatoes--
 --we deliver everywhere--

--Much chicken. Oh, like in Australia, chicken drumsticks/thighs are cheaper than breasts. All the better for me. :D--
 --I got my ayam kampung goreng--
 --yes, with mash. :D there's stir-fried sausages mixed into that mash--
 --Shaved off 25% of my time from yesterday! Same meal actually.--
 --Brighton Beach--Panorama - pardon my poor stitching skills.--

 So yeah that about concludes my blogging session for now. It's almost 2am now. I think this post took me a good two and a half hours. Good to blog once in a while. Much better than Facebook.

God bless.
now to sleep. =)

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