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11:23 AM

Waves Breaking

Etched by Isaac

It always seems that my blogging happens in the wee hours of the morning. It is now 2.52am and I really should be fast asleep. But the mind is a weird thing, and it pushes on. And milk Digestives aren't helping me to go to sleep. Hmm.

--my stash of Digestives. Yes, winter is coming. :D --

There's a lot to blog about (yes I say this almost every time I throw a post up) but the amount of time I have forces me to choose what I blog about.

Let's blog about the past two days. Thursday began for me in the early hours of the morning as I stayed up late (2am?) to prepare for a presentation which would take place at 2pm. I was due at a ward round at 8am as well, so that wasn't too good. At 2am, my presentation preparation was done, but I hadn't done any slides - I decided to skip the slides and just go slide-less - somewhat old-school but ah well.

So after 5 hours of precious sleep, I got up and rushed about to get to ward rounds. Reached the wrong place (getting lost within the hospital is something we do very often due to the way the buildings are patched together) but in the end, managed to meet the group of doctors. Ward rounds began and it became so obvious that we needed ward orientation. Thank God for friendly foundation year 1 doctors. Got my logbook signed off and almost got to take some blood, but never mind.

Hung around in the library for a while, then went for a teaching session that had been rescheduled from another day to that day, at 12pm. It ended at 1.10pm.

Ran back home, got lunch done, ate lunch, then walked back to the AEB whilst reading my notes for my presentation.

Presentations started - we call them student-led seminars here apparently. My turn finally came after three other presentations which were rather content-heavy. I started off with asking everyone to stand up and stretch, for which they did thank me, then I got them to sit down and then close their eyes. Yes, close their eyes (some people are just plain stubborn and won't close them). So I told them to imagine a saxophone. Then I had to talk about the anatomy of a saxophone because our lecturer asked me whether it would be an alto or a tenor saxophone =.= but I got them to imagine a J-shaped one because I was going to talk about a J pouch. After that, I followed on with a quick summary of a rather complex case which involved IBD and J pouch and stoma. Hanging onto my wits (thank God), I pushed questions to the lecturer when I really didn't know what I was spouting gibberish about. 15 harrowing minutes later (I was actually the ONLY one without any slides), my presentation was over.

Later on, my group mates did say that they really enjoyed my presentation. That made me quite happy with my effort. I did put in some amount of effort - actually got a cohort study on whether staples or hand stitches work better, and also consulted a thick and heavy surgery reference book on details of J pouches as well as the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery. Probably the most preparation I've done for a presentation in quite a long while. But then again, I hardly ever present stuff. I'm just happy it's over :D

The presentation session was followed by a house viewing for a prospective tenant. Getting a new tenant is quite high on my current priority list as it would save me about £133 every month, and that makes a HUGE difference financially.

FRIDAY! (today, or technically yesterday)

LONG day. Started with my waking up late.
Wasted time on Facebook, rushed to suturing session, forgot to bring my logbook. Discovered that I suck at suturing and need much more practice. Sigh. As if failing my Lifesaving Skills test wasn't enough (YES I FAILED HURRAH but of course, need to work on it).

bad bad bad suturing arghh.

Got back home, it was raining. Got my lunch done. Repacked my bag - I planned on going shooting photos by the beach in the rain, but before that, I would drop by the AEB to get my logbook signed for the suturing session. Bag got packed. I thank God for my umbrella. Amazing thing it is. :D

--it's a Fulton that I bought in London. Yes I need to blog about my trip to London too--

Got my signature.
Headed to the beach! In the rain and wind. After awhile, I gave up on using my umbrella and decided to enjoy the wind and rain in my face. Weird I know, but it was actually nice. Took care to not kill my camera so when I wasn't actually shooting, I hid it in my jacket pocket. (thank you Nat once again for the awesome jacket recommendation - really should've bought two when I was in Aussie). After some time, I realised my camera wasn't drowning in the rain. I actually changed lenses in my bag while in the rain, to the new fisheye! Yes I bought a fisheye. It's a manual lens so by using it, my risk of spoiling something in the rain would be lesser than if I were to use an autofocus lens. And so I waited in the rain and wind and watched the waves. Yes. It sounds like a strange thing, but sometimes you gotta go into the storm for interesting photos because more often than not, it's not good weather, but bad weather that makes for good photos.

These are my day's shots. :D

Down memory lane?

 --beauty in the droplets--
 --be careful--
 --let the waves rise!--

I actually resorted to wiping my lens with a spare sock because it was the only dry cloth I had with me in the pouring rain. Desperate measures much. For reference, the lighter-coloured patch on the floor in the pictures was about a metre long, meaning the waves splashed up to two metres high above the surface on which I was standing, which was elevated as well. Heh. :D

All wet. 

--Yup, pretty wet. Amazing camera :D Is it waterproof? Nope. But it works. --

Then I got back home and dried everything including myself and threw one picture up on Facebook, then rushed to the train station and got a train up to campus for the BrightMed thing. Decided it's not for me, thanked the organiser and walked out after 25 minutes. I daresay that was not something I do often; usually I'm just too polite - I think today I was just plain tired and didn't want any more stuff to do. I then realised I could catch Malpass Meats before they closed so I hopped off the train at London Road and jogged to the store. AMAZING place it is for meat-lovers. :D

--a glimpse of the shelves--
 --and behind me--

Got my gammon AND salmon :D
Trekked back, dropped by Morrisons and picked up a 12.5kg sack of potatoes. Yes, once again.

--Fresh frozen salmon. This was a good deal :D  --
 --now to split it up--
 --all ready--

-- sack #2 --

--some potatoes are just plain BIG. --

Got home, felt like dying, heated up stew for dinner then started the Great Spicy Gammon Mash process. Detailed below:

--the start! --
 --Washed the potatoes--
 --Cored the bits out--
 --Cubed two gammon steaks and marinated them with stuff--
 --threw in a large egg yolk for good measure :D --
 --fried the garlic and onions--
 --frying! --
 --stir-fried the gammon into the fried garlic and onions--
 --kept frying--
 --have you ever seen something so beautiful?--
 --now the stuff is all ready. Potatoes boiled, meat done.--
 --combined all the potatoes into one pot after mashing--
 --added rosemary, freshly ground black pepper, and butter--
 --poured in milk as well :D --
 --all mashed up--
 --grated the remainder of my mature cheddar cheese block--
 --added the chopped carrots and meat--
 --all stirred in! Just under two hours. Rather slow I guess. The boiling of potatoes took some time--
 --this is my food for the next few days. Hahaha. --
 --self-made ready-made food! --

Having done all that (2 hours' worth of work), I then headed to my room where I've been till now. It's 3.52am now and I have yet to upload those pictures to this post. Hmmm. Now to start.

Pictures in, it's 4.21am.
Looking at the weather report, it's funny that back at 10.30pm I was thinking to myself I'd be sleeping when it would be coldest (now). It's 7-8 degrees now. Time to sleep!

Tomorrow there's going to be a theatre orientation. I wish it was performing arts theatre but nope, it's the surgical theatre.

I should go to sleep.
God has been good.

Amen. =)

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