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8:15 AM

Collecting Signatures.

Etched by Isaac

Thus lies the complexity of logbooks - I can just get them signed off and not really put in effort to learn the topic properly, or I can do them properly (with a lot more effort) and then only seek a signature.

Obviously I'm trying to be a good medical student so I've been doing the latter as much as I can.

Today was an epic day.
Got my Mini-CEX AND my drug prescribing skills signed off! After much fruitless searching in the Vascular Ward, I decided to head for the Digestive Diseases Unit and there I came across opportunities.

They say luck is self-made.
I prefer to think of it as favour with God and with man.

I daresay today has been one of the most productive days as a medical student at BSMS thus far.
I actually liked today a lot. Made me happy to say that life as a medical student is really interesting and eventful. Also, being praised for my history-taking and physical examination, AND documentation was pretty fun. Raised my self-confidence a little. (no that is not good lol)

-- Had a good meal after a long day. Lunchtime disappeared because I was having too much fun. This here is gammon with fresh cumberland sausage, stir-fried with garlic, ginger, sweet chillies, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes in olive oil, with plenty of cayenne pepper (love that stuff), served with penne al dente and two bulleye omelettes. Good food! =D --

When I was asked the question, "What are you doing here?", my first thought was "I'm having fun!" but I didn't say that. Maybe I should have - it would've been interesting to see the response to an unorthodox answer. Hahahaha. =D

Yesterday was an epic day as well! Managed to learn quite a bit of stuff and met another really helpful senior medical student. I'm still not used to having nice seniors. It doesn't come naturally to me. Lol. Yesterday was on-take - SAU and femoral day. It was good. And also, I found my CBD case! Managed to examine the patient, with chaperones as well, and got high praise for my PE execution. I believe IMU has trained me well. Thank you, CSU team! =D

Now it's been five whole weeks in the Surgical posting, and I think, I have a much more positive view of the life as a surgeon than before I started this posting. It's interesting. However, the events in A&E interest me quite a bit, and I like the process of doing Medicine as well. Maybe some of the passion is coming back. Thank God for inspiration, and for motivation. Perhaps the turning point was the PRH week, because it kicked me into waking up early, and ever since, I've been doing so. I've always been more of a day person than a night person, but right now I'm just awake in the morning and the night, and falling asleep in the middle of the day, which isn't optimal. Hahahaha.

I met a really beautiful doctor at the PRH and had a deep discussion in my mind with myself about relationships and priorities and the outcome was that energy and life should be directed at getting through medical school and fulfilling what I was sent here to do. If I so happen to meet somebody, then maybe it will blossom into something beautiful, but right now I'm just not actively looking. I don't know whether I will regret this decision, because there are nice people around, but I'm not doing anything. The mind is muting the heart. Deep down inside, I do want to be with someone, but the mind is realistic and practical and says, "No.". Time will tell.

About priorities, my photography hobby has appeared in my balance sheet once again, with the purchase of yet another extra battery for my GX1! Am wondering whether I should buy a second body off ebay, or just wait for another technology cycle to go round and then upgrade. My GX1 is trusty, but it worries me that the 20k shutter count mark is coming soon, and if it dies when I'm in the middle of a holiday or something, then I won't have a backup body. A secondhand pristine condition GX1 would set me back about £150++, which is a justifiable price, but at the moment, I can't afford it so I'm waiting. Black Friday and Boxing Day are both just round the corner and I'm hoping to snap up some great deals. :D The extra battery was about the equivalent of RM75, which is amazing. I'm following Ming Thein's blog nowadays; education is very important. If I am to consider the output of my photography, which is printing and web-sharing, then I can determine exactly what kind of gear I need. Right now, it's actually an optimal setup, which is awesome. The only extra thing I would like is weatherproofing, but that's expensive. I need more training and practice than better equipment.

There are so many things I would like to do if I had better self-discipline. Still working on it.
At least now I'm exercising a little bit more regularly.

Speaking of photography practice, I'm heading to London tomorrow for the NUPS photohunt event! Basically an event where members of photography societies of UK universities gather to carry out a 5-6 hour session of shooting photos based on a list of clues, after which there will be a regrouping to go through photos, and eventually a submission for contest, with prizes. Not that I'm hoping to win anything, but it's just going to be fun. And after today, which was a great way to end the week, I'm praying for great weather tomorrow in London. Will get to meet Tim and probably Esther as well I think. Maybe Mai and Sam.

The Centrechurch effort in the Brighton and Hove Homeless Winter Shelter is starting this Sunday! I'm looking forward to helping out - this will be a first for me in this field.

An observation of mine here:

"After 2.5 months' worth of observation, i can safely predict that, when i'm in the UK in a room with people in it, approximately 15-20% of the room's occupants will visibly bite their nails within 30 minutes of being in the room provided there are no gloves in the room. Maybe the people here need better food. I don't know, but probably old habits die hard. =/ "


-- The latest addition to the battery family. --

Yup so I should go sleep soon.
God has been good. Even when I walk through the valley of the shadow, He will carry me.

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