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8:32 AM

London #1

Etched by Isaac

So I decided I should go to London.
I had a few reasons -

1. Pick up stuff from Alyssa, from home.
2. Meet Tim and his new significant other, Esther.
3. Take many photos.
4. To get out of Brighton.
5. Because I think five reasons sound good.

The brief summary of the day would go something like this:
(I was there for a whole 13.5 hours)

Woke up a bit later than planned, showered and got ready to go, wolfed down breakfast, got to station, caught the train-replacement bus to Three Bridges, then the train to London Victoria. Much hustle and bustle there.

--I was a bit like this lady in a hat, looking a little lost--

I then proceeded to walk out of the station after having paid 30p for the toilet (rip-off) and whilst I was walking, the palace guards mounted on horses rode by! I literally chased them all the way to Buckingham Palace where they did the changing of guards and other stuff. Not bad for a first-timer in London =P it was a little too crowded there for my liking however, so I didn't stick around long.

I walked around trying to get to Bond Street because that was the Tube station Alyssa told me to meet her at, because it's near to "the best burger place in town", in her words. Along the way I took pictures, of course, but here I'm only putting up the picture of Hamley's because I found it extra interesting. Will go back there again to explore more.

Met Alyssa! She brought me to Patty&Bun, which has amazing burgers. It was then that I realised it's actually cheaper to eat out in London than in Brighton. Why. This. Injustice.

-- Ice cream treat by Alyssa! =D --
 --Visited the London Chinatown --

--Alyssa is a bit camera-shy. Okay, maybe a lot more than just "a bit". But she's cool. =) --
We parted ways after some sightseeing, with her 6kg burden now transferred to me. I continued walking because I had some time before meeting Tim and Co. I actually reorganised my whole bag inside one of the department stores. I think it was H&M. Also, managed to buy my Fulton umbrella from House of Fraser because Selfridges was out of stock.

--Caught a London Black Cab in action--
 --The guy was just concentrating on his burger.--
 --I liked this shot.--
Then I met Tim and Esther and some of the other SGUL international students at Sportsdirect.
Got to know some of them, then we parted ways and Tim/Esther and myself went off for a coffee place, where we met a senior, Samuel, whom I think looks like Chien Chong. Haha!

We would be having dinner with one of Esther's batchmates from IMU because it was her brother's birthday.

--Heading out--
 --This picture was special because my camera battery died on me exactly after I braved the road traffic to get to the island in the middle--

--Samuel onlooking the couple. Lol. --
 --Maisarah and her two brothers. I still find it interesting that the siblings are all in the UK studying. Very privileged people I think. It was Ezzat's birthday. The Brazilian food was amazing (and yes, again, cheaper and better than eating out at Brighton) Maisarah actually paid for the whole table; I found that very nice of her =D --
 --*rolls eyes*--
 --Food! Really like the sweet potato fries too.--

--The birthday boy with his surprise cake =D --
 --Hello, Tim (wanna die kind of faces here) --
 -- Much happiness --
 --Weird antics much. --
 --Group picture! --
 --I'd say it's high class satay but it tastes really good. The place's name is Cabana. --
 --Continued the tour!--
 --At the South Bank. This is the source of postcards. --
 --Got a picture with Maisarah! Such a friendly girl. The way she talks reminds me of Ruth, and her looks remind me of Katrina. Which is weird, but yeah she reminds me of home. =D oh, and she's such a good tour guide and she's really nice. Hoping to see her again, haha. --
 --We got stuck here quite a while but it was fun.--
 --Esther had loads of fun with the typewriter. --
 --Looking studious here. --
 -- What Esther typed. Someone's in love... =P --
 -- Maisarah in action. --
Soon after that, I had to go back.
Said my goodbyes and bade my London friends, old and newfound, farewell.
Took the bus and train back, and arrived at Brighton station at 1.30am, then walked back. Such a tiring but awesome day.

--Bike storage.--

That pretty much concludes my London day trip.
I will definitely go back.
There's so much to see and to do there, and I have friends there.
Which is always good. =)

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