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6:39 AM

Running in the Rain

Etched by Isaac

So I put my newly-acquired gear to the test today, for a 15-minute jog in increasingly heavy rain.

-- asics shoes (£50) + waterproofing spray (£3) --

 -- Thick-ish track bottoms (£13) --
 -- My new and amazing jacket (£180) Yes, OMG: Oh My GORE-TEX doesn't come cheap. =/ --
 -- And my newest purchase - Semi-weatherproof gloves! Literally, half waterproof. (£19.80) --

So how did the jog go?

Well it was good, I didn't slip or slide or trip over anything, and I didn't get wet. That's just what I got this gear for: to keep myself dry in the rain. The least waterproof item would be the gloves and the track bottoms.

Money well spent I believe. =)
Also, reason for more potatoes. This is the third sack, meaning I've ate about 25kg already. Wow.

 -- Cheddar-centred croquettes --
 -- Curry - it was good. --
 -- Boiled, huge. --
 -- Stuffed, somewhat. --
 -- Mashed, with salmon, cauliflower and my usual extras. --
 -- With salmon and spinach + tomatoes. --
 -- Fried into chilli con carne + mexicana cheese, which is amazing. --
 -- With salmon, spinach and carrots. --
 -- Masala style, for potluck at Centrechurch. It was quite a success I think, hurrah. --
 -- Curried with chicken, with extra hot curry powder and extra hot chilli powder. Malaysian level of spiciness, yes! --

Will blog more in the future, for now, I really should start studying. Have already spent half a day on food and stuff like that. One big meal that lasts the whole day - this is very Malaysian. Hahaha. =)

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