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Mad Med Student/s

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Let's see.

So Chris and I decided to pop into the A&E on Saturday at 11pm just to see what was going on.
We ended up staying till 2am. 'Twas a good day just talking to patients and getting to do a full case with the surgical SHO on-call.

Yesterday, the registrar thanked me for my company for staying with her in clinic till 5.30pm. I said, obviously, "No, thank you!" =D Learnt quite a bit. I just hope that it'll stick in my mind. I heart Robina. We have plenty of stuff to talk about, especially about how people behave. =P

And today was a pretty good day too! Started off with a vascular imaging teaching session by the best man in the Trust for it - Darren. :D super knowledgeable guy. Went for clinic (didn't get scolded by Mr Brooks today haha because he's in an amazingly good mood), got tipped-off by the registrar that she would be doing a surgery (femoral embolectomy) in the late evening. None of my fellow mates in the clinic went, but I did, with Chris, and we pretty much made an impressive impression on the surgical team just by showing up for an operation which was scheduled to start at 6.30pm but dragged on to only start about an hour later. Got to scrub in and became the human retractor clamp. Lol. Got great teaching from the registrar and the consultant. The consultant actually thought we were Year 5 medical students, so he seemed quite disappointed when it became clear that we didn't know nuts about management of acute and critical limb ischaemia. When he found out we're Year 3, his demeanour changed. Hahaha. And I must have confused the anaesthetist by remembering his name correctly at first, then calling him by the wrong name for the rest of the operation. Have to go locate him another day to apologise. Aiyoh. Ironic because I was talking about how he has such good memory with names (he remembered my name).

I am worried about my CBD because I seem to be procrastinating at all costs and it's just next Monday. And it's almost 2am now and I have class tomorrow and Nages is flying back from Malaysia and stuff is going to happen. Argh. Today the umbrellas came, and so did Nat's mouse. It was a good day. :D

Presents going back home for mummy, daddy and Gordon.

After these few days, I think it's slowly coming together now, the picture about what surgeons do. It's quite nice. The next rotation should be interesting too, but I can't say that I like crying babies. Should be interesting.

The work with the Night Shelter by the Brighton and Hove churches has been great so far. I've done kitchen work on two evening shifts, both of which the food was praised (I actually only put the food together; I don't actually make any of it) but it's all good. Played chess with one of the men last Sunday, and did the crossword with another the previous Sunday.

God has been giving me favour with Him and with man, for which I am very grateful.
Have to work a lot harder on getting the gears turning. Gotta read stuff! And now to sleep. Or write up learning issues. Or prepare for stuff. Or. Sleep. Haha.

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