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4:35 AM


Etched by Isaac

Every single day I pray for favour from God and favour with Man.
And that is exactly what I got today. So blessed.
Got yet another lift from a kind person, this time, a Singaporean doctor in Brighton. Also got good teaching and good time of chatting.

But one thing he said that sticks clearly in my mind is this: "If you were another Caucasian student, I'd say you're fine, but simply because you're Asian, and Chinese, you need to have higher standards, just to be that little bit better than the others, because our culture is as such."

Smacks of double standards, and I don't usually agree with having double standards, but what he said was very true for me. But one thing which I didn't totally agree with was, "Never do anything for a living only out of passion - do it for the money. Because when you run out of passion, at least you don't have nothing left."

It may be that he is jaded, or that I'm not jaded enough, but I still dare to believe that there is a way to do things for what you're passionate about. Money pays the bills, yes, undeniably, but if you don't enjoy what you do, I don't see much of a point there.

But we can always agree to disagree. No worries. =)

I've always found that it's nice to have extra money.
I've also always found that people who have loads of money are more often than not, less happy than those who don't have loads of money.

So is it a blessing or a curse?
Money has to be blessed by God.
Nothing wrong with having money; we just need to remember where the money comes from, and to put God above money.

Having said that, my current grocery expenditure per day this month is an average of £2.87, which is impressive by my standards =D it's not going to make the £271 for four months goal, but it's a good achievement nonetheless.

Now for just a few pictures.

Shot this up at Burgess Hill while waiting for Chris to come pick me up, the morning before service that I was requested to come for so I could play the keyboard. Christmas. Even the trees will lift their gnarled arms to the heavens. :D

This is the view from one of the rooms in the hospital where bad news is given - the cheery scenery is a stark contrast to the weepy faces of expectant mothers who get confirmation that they have had a miscarriage. =/
 Nat's mouse, which has reached him safely in Malaysia, and is being well-used I hope.

On a side note, I got my mini-CEX done today! Very happy about it. May be able to get my CBD case soon, and then the O&G module is a wrap :D Paeds up next.

I've learnt that it pays to just show up often in the wards, as consultants, doctors, nurses, and midwives start to recognise you, which then leads to further opportunities. It's really nice, how friendly the people here are. This is a cultural difference which I hope to bring over when I'm back, and in the local system.

Also, it helps to learn to be less introverted, and to go (with a muka tembok) up to the consultant, and say "Hi Mr/Ms/Dr so-and-so, I'm Isaac, a third year medical student. Would it be okay if I..." or something like that.

From a couple of days ago when I needed to finish some cheddar cheese as it had started to grow mould. =P I cut it into slabs and fried some in egg, and some in more egg, a second time.
Today's dinner, made after getting back from PRH. I boiled the macaroni, then drained and rinsed it, before frying it with chilli flakes and butter. Heated up part of the olive grape chicken and had a mini-feast.

All in all, it's shaping up to be a good start to 2015. Amen to that!

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