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8:07 AM

My food life.

Etched by Isaac

In retrospect, my cooking has improved out of necessity, and semi-self-induced poverty. I only eat out when there is no choice (meaning only when I have no access to a kitchen, or when I'm hosting someone in Brighton). In the kitchen in Brighton, I have done things I would never have thought I'd ever do, like cut up a whole salmon, cook oranges in pasta sauce, fry sausages with apples, mix curry powder with honey, curry cauliflower and broccoli, make siew yok, and the list goes on.

Definitely not a chef, but I can certainly cook to survive. Yay.
So, here goes. Food, in somewhat chronological order.

Pork Steaks I think.

A single variety of pasta.
ABC soup, fried chicken drumsticks and chopped carrot with bread.
Said salmon.
My first curry.
A huge potato.
Extreme omelette.
Extreme omelette with extremely large potato.
Spinach with tomato. (the spinach wasn't good. I could taste the chemicals sprayed onto the leaves despite washing them. Never bought the spinach again. Wasn't cheap either.)
Digestives haul. :D
One kilo block of spicy cheddar. :D
Quite nice pasta. Fried sweet chillies with garlic and spices in the oil after frying chicken.
Curry Pasta.
A sweet treat and a cheesy treat.
Three cheese pasta.
Comfort sausages and rice.
Dark chocolate digestive in hot chocolate.
Preparation for dinner by Julian.
Roasted vegetables.
Julian's masterpiece. Salmon belly with pesto pasta and salad with cheese. And ramen-style egg.
Fried pieces of pork belly.  
Pork belly pasta.
Decided to mix my own curry powder to improve an existing product.
Smoked garlic. Makes my cupboard smell heavenly. The aroma. So nice.
Discovered that apple chips go really well with very spicy curry.
Sweet potato fries pre-frying.
Sweet potato fries with deluxe cream of chicken soup + eggs.
Said sweet potato fries.
My 16.4kg haul from Malpass meats. It lasted about 28 days. The nuggets aren't finished yet, however. My post-haul and post-eating analysis is that it is quite a bit cheaper to get my meat from Malpass.
The day the kind lady gave me extra ten bananas or so because they were nice and ripe.
Discovered that adding cream to regular ABC soup turns it into cream of chicken-like soup.
Fish and chips and deluxe cream of chicken!
Potato, tomato, carrot pasta with sausages.
Broccoli and deluxe cream of chicken soup.
Roasted the remaining butternut squash. What a name.
Deluxe French Toast. I liked this a lot.
ABC soup.
When I was sick.
Half-boiled free range eggs. I realise I only eat free range eggs here. It's one of the ways I pamper myself.
Curry done with broccoli and pork.
Preparing for new weird dish.
Branded gammon.
Potato/carrot/parsnip spicy/sweet mash. Contains all the ingredients in the picture before the branded gammon.
Gammon with weirdly nice mash.
When I decided to try a different shape of pasta.
Preparing for another weird dish.
Fried the pork.
Ended up with something that tasted a lot like pasta sauce, despite my addition of two oranges.
Bought a proper potato masher and used it.
The leaning tower of mash, surrounded by a broccoli and chili con carne moat.
The pregnant capsicum from Aldi. No wonder it was so big!
Chicken and cauliflower curry with mashed potato.
Fried sausage and apple with capsicum and mashed potato.
Siew yok!
Melted my cheddar into an omelette. Nowadays, my omelette contains herbs.
Olive grape chicken with macaroni fried in butter and chilli flakes.
Chap fan dish! Chicken and potato. Nice. This I just stood at the stove, eating.
With rice.
Somewhat a shepherd's pie.  

That's all for now.
Decided to not go to PRH tomorrow. Yay.

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