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7:59 AM


Etched by Isaac

Sometimes, this is how I feel, or how I want to feel - like I'm soaring above the waves, riding the winds, and bathing in the open sunny skies.

 But there are so many questions - the biggest one at times (although it really shouldn't be), is will He carry me?

So many lingering questions in my small mind.
All the hows and whys.

So many will not go answered, but I know deep down inside that He will carry me through all these problems.

He will provide for every need, which is why I'm trusting Him and going ahead with my tithes although all economic sense screams against it. Learning to put my faith into action. The financial situation here is bad basically because the cost of living in Brighton is just high - it's been rated as the fourth most expensive city to live in, in the UK, by a November 2014 review done by a major UK newspaper and a bank. I was seriously quite upset when I did my accounting a few nights back, and realised that if I am to pay for my next six months of rent (due in March), without having any additional input of money, I have £271 to survive on from now till the end of April, which translates into less than £2.50 per day to live on, and pay for electricity, gas and water. I decided that this was just plain stupid because I'm not here to learn to live on spare change, so I waved the financial white flag and my parents will be helping me out if I need extra to settle the rent. They've been trying to get me to take money but I've been stubbornly refusing, insisting that JPA money is enough, but I admit defeat now. The main reason for my lack of funds is that I refuse to not eat food, that's all. I managed to pay for all the non-necessities with my own savings.

But God is good, and has been, and will always be.
He's blessed me with amazing family support and awesome friends as well.

I guess this is the refining fire.

Am slowly regaining motivation to pursue academic progress once again. It's been about a year and a half now. So many things I need to read up on. Then I decided to start playing Recettear. Haven't had so much fun in a long while. Over two days I completed the main quest in about six hours. Played another three hours or so, and decided I should start my studying.

Am currently in the O&G / Paeds rotation.
Running summary of problems wafting about in my mind:

  • Need. To. Study. Definitely not doing anything for my MBBS now.
  • Cannot simply buy groceries. Need to save money. 
  • Need to settle new/current housemates for the next year (starts September)
  • Need to organise my electives - back in Malaysia yay =D
  • Need to let go of the past - can't be sad for what would have been five years has passed. 
  • Need to lose a little weight and increase fitness levels.
  • Need to stop being depressed. 
  • Above all, need to spend more time with God. 

I like the colours here and how they represent life - sometimes something's missing. What will you fill the hole with?

6 opinions:

Alien Magician said...

yay m'sia :)

Isaac said...

yay Malaysia? hahaha

Alien Magician said...

yep. home sweet home :D

Isaac said...

ohhh. Okay. Yes. Currently, the goal is to save £100 per month, which is not doable right now until April has passed, due to financial constraints (rent) haha

Alien Magician said...

but rent is how much ?? 30 pounds??

Isaac said...

ho ho, my rent is about £468/month (this is considered cheap in Brighton). Hahaha. 30 pounds a night is the price of a guesthouse accommodation in Brighton. Hahahaha