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9:35 AM


Etched by Isaac

Essay finally done. Needs some polishing. Will do tomorrow. It's 1.32am now.

No longer as sick as before. I was coughing up blood and stuff for a few days. Just short of a few symptoms of diagnosing myself with ebola.

Thank God for a speedy recovery from influenza-like illness (or at least that's what I think it is).

Holidays are almost over.
2015 is here.
I am no longer as depressed, I think.
I have stuff to look forward to.
I made stuff to look forward to.

I'm going home this year. =)

now to save up money. I'm actually below the official UK poverty line, and am living in the 4th most expensive city in the UK. Sadly it's not classified in the higher JPA UK allowance rates.

God will provide.

learning to have more faith. For He will let me bend, but not let me break.

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