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5:59 AM

Solero Shots

Etched by Isaac

Got hit by micro hailstones on two days in a row. Either I'm super lucky or that's just how the weather is. Solero shots because that's the size of the little iceballs. Pretty painful, but I'm sure it'd be much worse with ice cube sized hail.

Completed Obstetrics posting of two weeks - in these two weeks, I've done quite a bit of hospital work, and for the first time since Sem 4 exams, I actually feel motivated to read academic stuff, which is pretty amazing. Thank God for timely motivation! =D

Discovered the wonders of Aldi today. I think I'll be shopping there quite a bit from now on.
Finally initiated the process of switching power providers - to npower.
Note to self: I am the adult here.
Note to self: Princesses are to be avoided.


Managed to recreate the Aussie chicken dish done by Nat's aunty Elaine! :D

My first time ever cooking with grapes and olives AND white wine. :D
The cashier asked how old I was because she thought I was under 18. I took that as a compliment. Hahaha.

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