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9:46 PM

Time flies

Etched by Isaac

All too soon, my Obstetrics and Gynaecology postings will be done with, and I'll be moving over to Paediatrics. I am quite sure that I won't be specialising in these areas. This is a note to myself - enough of screaming mothers and screaming babies.

Every day Bible verses become more real to me, as I learn to depend on His grace and mercy. God is good, and has always been, and will always be. =)

I played badminton twice this week, and both times, I had a lift back from a kind person. So blessed. =)

My racquet, re-gripped in bright Bumblebee yellow!

However, I have to be more disciplined and actually study. Last week was the first week that I actually did some "proper" studying since the end of Semester 4 exams in mid-2013. It may sound like I'm a genius, but I'm not. Lack of reading only puts me at a disadvantage as I don't know what's going on more often than not. (yeah I should tell myself that before starting a session of Recettear, which I have completed halfway now hurrah)

This here is my latest major cooking experiment: Siew yok! :D Skin could be crispier, but it tastes nice, yay.

There are times when I climb up to the 14th floor of the hospital just to take photographs. This was one of them. Pretty impressive, what can be pulled out of the SGS4's sensor.

I am actually quite surprised that each time I go down to the beach, I get different photographs. It's probably a result of my effort to continuously improve, and also the changing weather, which affects the sea.

This was the one time I decided enough was enough, and I needed to wake up early to shoot the sunrise. Didn't get very much of a sunrise, but I did get some pretty cool water shots.

Like this picture!

On the day that I caught crepuscular rays, and also got caught in rain twice and saw two rainbows. I got pretty wet that day.
The day the tide was low and I happened to chance upon it. The mud flats made for an interestingly shimmering foreground.
The day I decided to un-level the horizon. Turned out quite interesting I think.
There are moments that I wait for - this was one of them. Getting a gull into the frame in Brighton requires just a bit of patience.
Waves keep washing up on shore. Taken from the Pier.
Another un-leveled horizon. Wasn't as accurate as I wanted (corner to corner) but it looks alright.
This shot I was quite happy with. :D Crepuscular rays, with a bird flying through a series of them, under dark clouds.
 Tweaked the white balance just a little bit post-capture and ended up with a lovely lavender sunset. 

Gull in frame, once again.
I'm not too sure whether those are starlings or gulls. Probably not gulls because they don't move fast enough to qualify.

A spectacular sunset, with flare. This was back in autumn I think. It's winter now.
Also sometime in autumn when I was walking along the seafront.

The oceanic sounds provide a resting place for my weary senses when I have the time to go down. About the cold winds, well, it's easier to embrace the cold if you forget what it feels like to be warm.

There is loads more that I could blog about but I really SHOULD get back to studying. Especially after yesterday (made siew yok, updated Facebook, cleaned up stuff, played Recettear, and went thrice to the cobbler's unfruitfully, but didn't study). Ah well.

Till the next time. =)
God bless.

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