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6:35 AM


Etched by Isaac

So I signed myself up for a free brain MRI and a few other tests (for £25 for my 2.5 hours or so of time). Got to talk to the SpR conducting the research for her PhD, and got my weight wrongly estimated by the radiographer - she thought I was somewhere between 65 and 70kg, but the weighing scale put me at a ripe round figure of 80kg. 80kg. I have hit the 80kg mark. Nooo. Partially due to the exercise I've been doing, and probably due to the food I've been eating. The main consolation was that she said she'd never think I was 80 because I look too slim for that. But I've got the height.

The other thing I'd like to blog about is the fact that I paid £49 today to book an appointment with a dentist for next weekend, because I don't want to have to wear dentures before I'm 30.

Oh, and God has a funny sense of humour. Let's see how things go, and I'll update more later on. Maybe, my heart is ready to move on.

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