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6:52 AM

Emotional Problems

Etched by Isaac

Let's see.

So I was told that there was evidence that my ex had found someone, or someone had found her. I was both happy and sad simultaneously - quite an interesting emotional experience, but not ideal, given the time frame - exams are here.

Many windy days nowadays, but I think windy days are not for me, sadly. Timing is bad.

And today... sigh. I think it's the first time (hopefully the last, too) that I've actually fallen for a patient. Her personality just shines through the physical setbacks she faces. Cannot afford to keep doing this... no.

There has to be an emotional detachment between healthcare workers and their patients, for if there isn't, the consequences will be severe, as after all, the main aim of our job is to deliver good healthcare, no more, no less.

I thought I had them emotions under control. I guess I thought wrong.
Toxicology presentation tomorrow, and CBD on Friday. Not the best of times to have emotional instability.

I shall end this post with a picture taken back at Ampang LRT station. I thought it was interesting that the angsana seed had drifted into the train - this meant that it would be taken far away from its parent tree, farther than if the winds had carried it. Sometimes this is what life is like: you'll be put in places you never thought you'd be - in situations and opportunities you'd never have imagined.

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