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3:38 AM

Roti Canai

Etched by Isaac

So there was this one weekend that I decided to learn to make roti canai. 

Bought the plain flour and margarine (I regret buying margarine)
Dough. Heart-shaped dough.
I set up my camera on the pseudo-gorillapod with remote shutter release and fisheye on with bounce flash, and proceeded to try and look like a pro mamak. =P
*my forearm is NOT that size - blame the fisheye. But I like this picture.
End-product - rather thick triangular roti canai. Had it with chicken/broccoli/capsicum curry and it was good.  
Chopped up the leftovers (made about eight pieces in total). Fried them in egg the next morning, like an externalised roti telur. Hahahaha.
Decided that the first try wasn't a success so I tried again the following day. This time, with rapeseed oil. What a name. Rapeseed oil roti canai. The dough was literally oozing oil after I left it to stand for three hours.
End product this time round - satisfactory - six out of ten on my own Malaysian roti canai scale. Not too bad for a second try, hurrah. Super cheap to do, and easy, but not very healthy. I'm just happy that I managed to finish off the margarine. Weird stuff it is. Gonna try roti canai with butter the next time I do it. High class roti canai. Hahahaha.

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