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7:30 PM

the Dentist

Etched by Isaac

So the dentist day arrived. Got there early, got myself in. Got checked-up. Got reassurance that everything was fine and perfectly normal. Increased sensitivity, he said. It would pass by itself, he said.

Oh, and I got my teeth x-rayed! Discovered that my last wisdom tooth has decided to lie on its side but since it isn't causing any problems at the moment, we should leave it well alone.

Since I paid £49 for that 20 minutes or so of the dentist's time, I milked his brains for answers and common dental problems. It was nice of him to say that he felt I'd do well for my verbal exam (CBD - this Friday) because I'm a good communicator.

Well, thank you. Never thought of myself as a good communicator, but it's always nice to be complimented. =D

This weekend is CBD preparation weekend. Declaring war on CBD.

Cooked food for war. This here is a 1.5 litre Pyrex dish packed over the brim with layers of bacon chunks, potato slices, garlic pieces, butter bits, and onion rings, slathered with creamy modified macaroni cheese sauce, covered with a layer of cheddar cheese squares and mozzarella cheese slabs.

And the outcome after an hour! In hindsight, maybe I did put too much bacon in (quite salty). Made mashed potato to accompany it over the weekend.

Exams - they will always be here.
But this too, shall pass.

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