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5:08 AM

Saturday morning

Etched by Isaac

Quite fruitful I think, because I managed to get a pair of new shoes! My older ones had a hole form in one side, and the cobbler said it couldn't be repaired. =/ This necessitated my trip to Clarks the following day, and once again, I was faced with choices.

--Whittled down the options to two pairs; the question was, "Is this worth an additional £50?"--

I decided in the end, that it was. Today begins the life of my most expensive pair of shoes ever (£110, roughly RM610). They are weatherproof (GORE-TEX!), comfortable, and sturdy. Aesthetically pleasing, and they come from a reputable brand. I hope to see them last a few years at least. Optimistically, until I've completed my housemanship, if not, at least until I graduate here.
And on the way home, I picked up some frozen fries, simply because I hadn't had any since I went to London in December. Baked them with the leftover mash potato and gravy courtesy of Karin during Alpha, and steamed some Malpass sausages. Happiness. =)

God has been good, and will always be.
There is a huge workload to be done over the next sixteen weeks or so, but I believe that this too, shall pass. Praying every single day for strength and wisdom to get through this.

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