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4:20 AM

the little things

Etched by Isaac

More often than not, it's the little simple things in life that are the most meaningful.

Like mummy and daddy sending over the banana yellow Nokia waterproof bag so I would be able to keep my camera and gear dry if I wanted to go shooting in the rain. 

Like how Chris came round to my room and gave me a KitKat to try and comfort me about my CBD failure, although I was fine (seriously), it was a very nice gesture. Yes, that is my SBM essay plan in the background here.
Like the moment when my Pentatonix concert tickets arrived in the mail. Yay!

And the numerous other little simple things that I've learnt to appreciate more every day, like the breeze on my cheeks (could be a bit warmer though), like the flowers springing up everywhere now it's spring, like the way food smells when I'm cooking, and the fact that I'm alive and breathing, put here with a purpose.

God is good.
Has always been, and will always be.

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