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7:40 AM

Triple whammy

Etched by Isaac

In the past seven days, I have paid my rent for the next six months, my water bill for the past 5.5 months (which was higher than expected), and my gas bill for the past month.

I used to worry quite a lot over here about finances, but I realised quickly that I was worrying in vain, because God is faithful and He will provide, and I have no cause to worry.

I've learnt to enjoy living a simple life. Being somewhat frugal doesn't mean I don't get to have fun. In fact, most of the people who see my food pictures ask me how I do it when I mention my budget. Haha. The secret's in buying the right stuff from the right places, and using the right lighting when taking pictures of the food. =P

Today I completed my SBM essay (finally), and submitted it - got a 8% similarity report, which, from the breakdown, is a zero percent similarity because it's all the stuff that's permissible, like the title of the essay and the name of the lecturer. This time round, the essay was a labour of careful love - the previous one was bad, and I have to pull up the overall marks with this and the following essay. Enough failure to keep me in check. =)

Here are ten food pictures that I've taken this year. Am quite happy with how my cooking has progressed. Most of the food that I make, I actually enjoy eating. Hurrah. =D

--Pesto Pasta with Nuggets--
 --I got lucky with this--
 --Baked chicken for the whole week!--
 --Chicken essence, essentially. Goes really well with pasta in the morning before hospital--
 --Tuna/Sausage/Curry leaf + spices Aglio Olio--
 --Sausages, apple, cherry tomatoes, curry leaves--
 --Egg, kale and carrot porridge with nuggets--
 --Potato and chicken! Better than what the ''chap fan'' stall back home sells, hurrah--
 --Sausage, kale and cherry tomato pasta--
 --Today's experiment: Lamb Stew! Oozing with lamb goodness. Tastes pretty awesome--

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