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5:56 AM

Brain Fog

Etched by Isaac

It was a foggy day when I was walking back from Aldi, and decided to walk the unbeaten path, to take a photograph.

The slight poet in me stirred to life:

"A sparse grove of trees – with branches like thought. Some are clear, and some are not. They lurk, hiding deep in the wayward mists that cloud our minds. We hope, that with time, the fog will pass, and the shadows will be lifted… or do we? Perhaps there are parts of our thoughts we’d prefer to not be aware of; seemingly stray trains of thought buried yet again by the glare of the passing bus. For the mind is as ironic as it is beautiful: a raging unrestrained thing, gnawing at the very strands that hold it in place in the first place, shirking all adherence to law and order, struggling to free itself in order to begin yet again."

--isaac tay-- 13/04/15

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