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11:06 PM

Customer service

Etched by Isaac

I thought customer service was bad in Malaysia...
...then I flew to the UK.

I have never had such deeply entrenched and sad feelings about the wastage of prime and pristine unused brain tissue in a person. Surely there must be more than this? All direct yet benign and non-threatening attempts to elicit signs of intelligence had, up to this point in time, failed. Then, suddenly, a ray of sunshine burst through the cloud of fog - she gave me a snippet of useful information! I was so happy for her. At least she could tell me that I could get my credit back for the gas bill. My friend once told me, "If you lower your expectations, you'll often be pleasantly surprised," and now I see his point very clearly indeed.

I mean, in all seriousness, if it's going to be this difficult to get the information I need to pay my bills, it's no wonder bills go unpaid. And right now, the information is still not there. Basically, "We can't do this because we can't do this, and we don't know why we can't do this, and we don't know how long until we know why we can't do this."

Ah well.
Rant over.
Thirty-three minutes of my life spent on the phone teasing out stray signs of comprehensibility from a poor person who's probably following a script. She got upset when I managed to lead her out of her comfort (script-based) zone. Lol.

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