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8:18 PM

More Food! (and stuff)

Etched by Isaac

Trying to chronicle more food pictures. Yay.

--my reward for becoming a guinea pig in a research study. I have springy arteries--

--Oven-baked fries, using Kyle's instructions, "If it ain't crispy, it ain't been inside long enough."--
--Now I have two salmon heads in my freezer--
--Learnt to steam potatoes for mashing. Apparently the starch is preserved or something--
--Proved that ice cream does float. Lol--
--Decided to roast seven heads of garlic--
 --Roasted garlic heads--

--Mashed the roast garlic and froze the leftover in the icetray--
--Keep salmon simple--
--My first de-gilling of a fish. Took me about 15 minutes for two heads--
--Salmon fish head curry!--
--In preparation for Bring and Share on Easter Sunday at Centrechurch--
--Potato and Gammon with ginger--
 --Donna made this cake which seems like rabbits on a flowery meadow--

--And I had leftovers from church! Never did understand couscous so I Googled it. Lol--

My Easter weekend has been quite well spent. Could have been better, but ah well.
It was good to serve at Burgess Hill and in Brighton. Had a great time on the keys. Not literally, but haha. It's been a year since The Choice. Time does fly. Part of me longs for home, but part of me enjoys the current situation. Knowing it won't last is part of the fun.

Studies are important now, so I'm doing what I can to concentrate. Started doing questions, and am working on the confounded formulary. So much to read in drugs. Whoever told me last time that medicine is all about pathology and pharmacology was totally right.

Psychiatry has been interesting thus far, especially the visit to Hellingly to go through the medium-security unit there. It's the stuff of movies! About geriatrics, I'm quite sad to see it go. Could use another four weeks with the lovely team. Best teaching I've gotten in clinical school so far.

My elective posting has been confirmed! Will be going to Selayang for three weeks in General Medicine and three in Dermatology. With familiarity comes pressure. Kean Yew will be ''personally tutoring'' me apparently. Should be interesting.

Exams are in less than three months. The current crazy workload consists of:

- 1 x SBM essay
- 1 x SSC essay
- 1 x SSC poster
- Study of Medicine, Surgery, Obs/Gyn/Paeds, Geriatrics, and Psychiatry for Knowledge Tests
- roughly 56 SBM lectures for SBM essay exam
- OSCE preparation
- Ward work / clinical stuff
- Attending SBM lectures
- BSMS Drug Formulary

In less than three months, I have to catch up on 2.5 years' worth of work, AND all the points listed above. No sweat. =.=

On an unrelated note, it seems that there is no simple way to tell a young Caucasian boy that you actually cooked and ate a fish head... hahahaha. It's like breaking bad news.

...something about putting my trust in God.
Let's do it.

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