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4:19 AM


Etched by Isaac

Today was the day I went Asian.
Bought five kgs of sushi rice (which I now discover to be premium Italian rice which is perfect for Japanese sushi preparations, grown and produced in Italy by a Japanese company), multiple bags of spices, and a bag of Korean noodles. By the kilogramme, the rice is £2.50, which isn't too bad actually considering it's top-notch sushi rice. Hope it tastes as awesome as it looks :D

--The haul--

Today was also a mixed bag - it started out with a modicum of frustration over the Psychiatric rotation timetabling which is fundamentally flawed in our opinion. I ended up waiting for an hour and fifteen minutes for a doctor who never did turn up. I managed to do some stuff while waiting (including playing the piano haha) so that wasn't too bad. After that, I got chased off a different ward because there already were too many medical students there, so I tried my luck with yet another ward, and this time it was good.

Got to talk to a schizophrenic patient. It is indeed very interesting. Extremely interesting. The delusions, flight of ideas, tangential thinking, and pressured speech coupled with a near-total lack of insight made for quite a fun interview. After that, I emboldened myself to be thick-skinned, and asked the doctor there whether he could help me sign off some stuff for my logbook - and he did! Got some good teaching as well in the process, and my Mini-CEX signed off, which is quite an achievement as it's only the 2nd week of the rotation. The nature of the logbook is such that we need to cover quite a few different locations, so I'm just very thankful that the Mini-CEX, which is usually stressful to get done later on, is settled. Praise the Lord! =) btw interestingly, my two Mini-CEXes were done exactly a month apart. Just noticed it.

I am feeding myself very well. Discovered the Open Market recently, and its wonders hidden within. Ten bananas for a pound! Cheap good cheese, and fresh farm eggs! Juicy large vegetables! I am going to go there much more often. Not to mention my recent 2.6kg of lamb haul from Malpass for £10, three-quarters of which is currently frozen in the freezer. My current issue is with fridge space, haha.

Study-wise, things are going alright. Have to keep stepping up the pace if I want to do well in the final exams. Praying for wisdom and strength to keep me afloat. The one thing which I'm putting aside for the moment is badminton, which will be resumed later on, definitely. Photography walks as well, I guess. I still take pictures, but not as many. Part of it is self-curating before I even shoot - if I know the outcome isn't going to be up to my standards, I just don't shoot. Seems that this is part of progression as a photographer.

Weeks seem to fly by, and again, it's Friday! My week revolves around Sundays, which are my anchors. I mark the weeks by Sundays. Sunday is coming up soon.

God is good.

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