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8:05 AM

London - Food and Pentatonix

Etched by Isaac

'Twas a great day indeed in London (except for the journey there, which was doubled in time, and fraught with train delays and circumstantiality but ah well, I had a seat, so that was good).

So I made my way to Tooting Broadway and met Tim and Esther. We had loads of food. Just loads of food. Loads. of. GOOD. FOOD. And fellowship. And lame-ness. Hahaha. Can't thank them enough for the hospitality. =)

-- This briyani is just as good as the top ones found in Johor, seriously. --

-- Got the waiter to take this picture (he was quite obsessed about not appearing in the reflection) --
-- Dodol!! Such a long time. --
-- Discovered reusable ice cubes. Still marvelling at the idea. --
-- A Monopoly cup, containing teh tarik! And there's fried chicken in that bag. --
-- *insert lame conversation* --
-- Herbal tea eggs! Haven't had them since flying over. So happy :D --
-- I brought over my fried noodles and rendang ;D oh, yes, haven't blogged about my rendang yet. --
-- Esther also made bak kut teh. *seriously* Good stuff :D --
With a full stomach, and a happy heart, I left Tooting Broadway, and headed for Hammersmith, for the Pentatonix concert! This would be the very first time I attended a concert of sorts over here, and I was interested to see how it would be like. I did manage to get my camera in, although they made me empty my water bottle. The event hall is pretty large, and we (Tom, Dave, and myself) ended up on the left, near the toilets, which gave me an interesting position to shoot my pictures from. In retrospect, I have never kept my lenses in my jeans pockets like I did that day (three lenses + one on the camera; my phone screen protector bears the battle scars - badges of honour). Photographing live concert-style events from a distance is no easy feat, especially with the ever-changing lighting, both in intensity and colour. Good practice for me however. =)

I must say, that the concert was awesome. They sound exactly like their recordings, but live. The sound system was well-balanced, and the atmosphere was electric. I really liked it. And the interesting thing is that, the audience are all good singers! Mostly choir people, and those who like a cappella, so when PTX got the crowd to sing, it was like being in a huge choir. Oh, and did I mention Kirstie's smile? And the deep BASS. And beatboxing. And everything. Amazing!

-- Pentatonix!! That tie apparently reflects light --
--I was THIS CLOSE to them when they walked through the crowd! So close. Kirstie is cute! =) --

-- So much talent condensed into one person here. Kevin Olusola and his cello-boxing. --
-- Really interesting lighting for Papaoutai. --
-- I found the LED screen quite innovative in ideas and execution --

-- If you saw the original picture, you'd never believe how powerful ACR can be. Avi Kaplan! --
-- Kirstie! --
-- With a bit of stitching, Pentatonix! :D --

-- They sang a song without the microphones, and the hall was instantly hushed. --

-- Daft Punk for the encore!! Kirstie looks great in all hair colours btw. Hahaha. --

-- We had a great time, indeed! Would definitely come again, if PTX comes to London. --

Just realised that my London day out also marked two years of serious photography for me! Looking back, I now see that I've come a long way, with my photos. Much to learn still, and much to improve on, but now I daresay I'm taking much better photos than before. Practice and conscious effort definitely helps. I think I use Photoshop almost everyday! Learning to edit photos is almost as important as shooting photos, I think.

This weekend is a long one, and there's work to be done. I have my SBM essay and my SSC poster to work on, as well as questions, and other preparation before the Medicine rotation starts on Tuesday. Praying for wisdom and strength and discipline beyond measure. Today I played badminton too, and probably won't be doing so until after the exams. By God's grace, I will pass.

Now to sleep, with Pentatonix haunting my dreams. Certainly not complaining. =)

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