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8:54 PM

Being Still

Etched by Isaac

Sometimes, in the midst of the storms of life, it's the small calm voice I hear within me that tells me and reminds me that I should be still, and know God is here.
Sounds cheesy but it is so true.

Exams are just round the corner.
This weekend bridges weeks seven and eight of the fourth and final third year rotation - Medicine. I've been on the Endocrinology ward and I daresay it's been a great experience, with which comes new insight to how I should have been doing stuff from the very beginning of the year. Wanting to go back and do it all again isn't a preferable or feasible choice, so now that exams are near, all efforts are currently focused on improving exam performance, which isn't a good indicator or measure of how good a doctor a medical student will be, which is a sad but necessary thing.

Things happen, and people come and go, but God is the constant in my life.
Still small voice.
Still, small voice.

-- Is there balance in life? --

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