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10:35 PM


Etched by Isaac

*Consultant looks me straight in the eye* - "You know, I really felt like I was discussing this case with a colleague, rather than a medical student, which is great, because that's exactly what our medical school aims to achieve."

Highest compliment I could ever ask for. 
Plus the fact that they couldn't find stuff to ask me about because I had already clarified everything before they had the chance to question me. All I need to do now is to speak a bit slower. 

Praise the Lord! =)
The effort put into preparing for this CBD paid off. Have to thank the multiple seniors and doctors whose brains I picked and prodded. 

-- Bought cheese to celebrate! --
Next up - SBM, OSCEs and KTs. 
To be honest, finishing the CBD was a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. 
Hurrah! =D

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