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Etched by Isaac

The last part of the first year here is but now.
I reiterate that God has been, still is, and will always be faithful, and in Him I can trust 100%.

Exams are over for now - OSCEs were difficult and KTs were only prepared for quite late, but it's all good now. A graph of productivity over time would show an exponential increase in the final two weeks leading up till the end of the examinations.

The shadow of fear of having to repeat the year loomed big over my thoughts, but I held on to hope, and now that the exams are over, I'm just waiting for the results, which will be released sometime next week.

This year in Brighton has been a challenging one, full of obstacles and growth, and lessons learnt. God has been good, as always. So much to be thankful for. Right now, I'm just happy we found a new place to stay, and the house has been secured. Relatively sad to leave the current house, but looking forward to staying in a new place as well. Feeling somewhat tired and not really wanting to do anything but stay in the house at the moment although it's supposed to be holiday and summer.

I have to really thank all the people who have been praying faithfully for favour and blessings over here.
God hears prayers.
He listens.
He knows our needs.

Gonna complete this post with pictures!

-- Surprise birthday celebration for me at church! Was very pleasantly surprised. --

-- Had the opportunity to serve for our service in St. Mary's hall. --
-- This was on Windy's final Sunday in Brighton. --
-- Long days at hospital tire Chris out. --

-- Posters on the wall. --
-- My new, unlikely friend, who has been a friend indeed. --
-- When we discuss posters on the wall. --
-- There was a day when I decided to try out the clippers. They worked, spectacularly. --
-- Chris seems a bit crazy at times. Actually, we all are. --
-- This was our second last "ten ten ten ten" - house code for OSCE practice. --
-- Oliver bringing Natasha to life. --
-- There was a fire opposite our house, two nights before the OSCE. --
-- I dislike the brightness of my window at times. Sought refuge behind pillows. --
 -- For mummy and daddy to distribute when I get back, haha. --

-- With thanks, from Korea, from my Korean friend. Amazing stuff. --
-- Went for a sumptuous meal after the exams ended. Food = amazing. --
-- Thali (not mine) --
-- Lamb briyani (mine) --

-- We finally cleared the garden, filling out two municipal dumpsters in the process. --
 -- And I then decided we should do a barbecue! --

-- Much happiness in barbecued food. --
-- And marshmallows. --
-- FIRE! --
-- BBQ again the subsequent day, with Max as well, who's currently visiting the whole of the UK. --
-- Perhaps, sometimes, we learn, eventually, to let go. --

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