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6:16 AM

Results = Blessings

Etched by Isaac

I really thought I might have failed the Obs/Gyn/Paeds module knowledge test.
I really did.
I was prepared to see the lowest marks of the whole lot, with that module.

But I got a DISTINCTION for it! (and probably the 2nd highest mark in the batch at that, too)
Amazingly blessed.

Overall, passed everything, with marks roughly in the middle of the batch. I am very thankful for this relief. Right now, I just have to prepare three cases for the CBD resits.

House stuff is settled. Chris has reached KL. Nages is reappearing in Brighton tomorrow. I am working tomorrow, as an ambassador for the BSMS Open Day. Should be pretty fun although the weather forecast is all gloom and doom.

-- Sitting on the edge of tomorrow, awaiting what may come, with bated breath --

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