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8:30 AM


Etched by Isaac

I put the stuff into the box, preparing to move house. It amazes me just how much stuff I've accumulated over the past 11 months or so - is this what life is like? Do we just drift through, adding to our baggage? Perhaps, in some manner, yes, I guess.

I thank God for helping me through this year. It has been definitely a challenging one in many ways, but through it all, He has been faithful, as He has always been. Today, my final CBD resit was done with and dusted. I did well. So much thanks for the learning and the growing that I've put myself through this year.

Failure pushed me forward, to strive harder, to not make the same mistakes again, which is why I am sure that I learnt much more from failing than from having success. Failure forced me to really search the depths of my heart and to examine my core values and motives; because of failure, I put in more effort in order to achieve the overall goal in the big picture - to become a medical doctor, although the current situation of healthcare looks murky at best, but I believe God has His plan and purpose, which I probably don't understand right now.

The next few days will be spent doing everything but study.
Time for a well-deserved break! From studies, that is. Plenty of other work to do, like packing, moving, and cleaning, before I fly back.

Can't wait to get home.
Flawed as it may be, home is still home.

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