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12:39 AM

7.33 Years

Etched by Isaac

^ that's how long my blog has been around!

(Finally) finished skimming reading through the whole blog - took me two days' free time - and I shall summarise what I've found, below. (sounds really like a medical student presenting findings lol)

I've written over 500 posts in the past 7.33 years or so, with over half of them written in the first two years. As expected, the frequency has been dwindling over time. I have no idea how many pictures I've posted up, but it definitely numbers in the thousands. If not for the numerous collages, it would be over ten thousand. As time went by, I learned to curate my own photos, for the better, haha.

This blog has always been, and still continues to be my outlet for thoughts and rants about life. Mostly, my life, but often, the lives of others, in some way or another. Over time, posts have become less detailed reportage-type, and more reflective-rambling-type, but overall they've stayed loyal to the original purpose of the blog. I'm happy to report that my photographs are much better in quality than before! (I've come a long, long way. Probably over 40k shots worth of experience now.)

Honestly, as I read through the posts, although I sometimes cringed at the extreme optimism I once exuded, I realised that my style of writing hasn't changed much; I still write in a somewhat similar, overly cheesy, kinda lame, succinctly direct manner. Regarding the optimism, try as I might, I just can't write as happy a paragraph as I once could. Let's just say my innocence has been robbed from me. Also, there is a certain increase in the level of maturity (which hopefully will keep increasing) displayed.

What has remained constant throughout, is the presence of God in my life. Through the ups and downs, He has carried me, and I know He will continue to do so. Much to be grateful for, and much honour to uphold.

Reading through my memoirs of life definitely stoked the feelings of nostalgia - the pride of previous achievement, the flames of romance past, the bonds of brotherhood and amazing friendship, and the stories of yore. I can very honestly say, to all my friends, whether you're reading this or not, whether we've had good times or bad times, or both, I miss you, and hope you're being blessed in life, and wish you nothing but the best. Thank you for being part of my somewhat colourful life, even if you're now somebody that I used to know *pun intended*. If you see me somewhere, do say Hi! :D Also, from reading through my blog, I realise the importance of friends, and that time tests friendships. I also know who my self-revealing blog readers are, haha, and have replied to some comments (super duper late, like 5 years late omg).

Special note to Sarah Chew and Jan Tie - your words have always been a blessing - upliftingly positive, and never fail to put a smile on my face (and still continue to do so). Keep up the amazing work!

To Joash Choo, please keep writing and blogging. I admire your discipline in reading and writing. Never let the spirit wane. Just make sure the filtering happens regularly. Some things are liable to be misinterpreted, trust me. =P

In reflection, I've grown, in many ways, and will continue to grow, hopefully, not sideways.

2 opinions:

Jan Tie said...

Aw, thanks Isaac! I smiled when you talked about your writing, because I probably do the same too. I mean, hey, we gotta see the silver linings huh? :) gratitude is of utmost importance in life (and naiveness is a whole other issue which we all were at some point in time). Growing and learning always, bro.

Isaac said...

Hahaha you're welcome Jan =) yeah if we don't see the silver linings, nobody else is gonna see them, so yeah. I still think naiveness is a kind of spectrum or continuum along which we progress and regress. Hahahaha. Keep growing! =)