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9:07 AM

Brighton, Season 2

Etched by Isaac

I am blogging right now from the comfort of sitting on my new Brighton house bed (which can be moved easily), with my laptop on my table, which is way too small for comfort. In forty-five minutes, the clocks will go backwards by an hour, and British Daylight-Saving Time will have started, and I will have been here for about a week.

So what's happened since the last post?
Quite a bit actually.

Besides the staggered somewhat last-minute packing and the busy rush to say goodbye to people, I also managed to pick up a superbug, which followed me over to the UK to infect my whole house here (sorry guys), and, surprisingly (and somewhat with bad timing), I fell in love with a girl.

I really never thought I'd allow myself to be vulnerable once again, not after being let down despite doing all I could to keep the relationship alive and kicking. I kid you not - I am serious - I was not looking out for a girlfriend.

Every strand of my logical self strained to contain the heart's ambitions, as they defied all forms of common sense. At every turn, throughout the two week period, I really asked myself - "Are you sure about this? Like, really really sure??". I mean, keeping a long-distance relationship together is tough enough in itself, but to start a relationship as a LDR... that has to be either pure crazy, or pure destiny, or a both.

But the heart has a mind of its own.

So I took a leap of faith (after much prayer of course), got advice and opinions from trusted friends, obtained approval from my mother (yes, I have grown older and slightly more mature now, haha), met the girl, and somewhat nervously executed the plan. There were a few hiccups, and she was quite surprised, but overall she was happy, although her answer was as I'd predicted - "No, not for now,". I was slightly disappointed, but still very much over the moon, as was evident by my antics with my friends for the next few days - I couldn't stop talking about her and I would ramble on and on and on.

Then I flew, as planned, to the UK.
-- Said goodbye to mummy, daddy, and Gordon. I will be back soon =) thank you --

Had a dengue scare the morning of the day of flight because I woke up with fever, chills, and general malaise. I was wondering what if I had to be hospitalised... would I be able to postpone my flight? Arriving in Brighton less than 24 hours before class started didn't help either. Thank God, I was well enough to board the plane.

Have been sick since then till today, and am still sick, but very much on the mend. The amount of sticky thick green sputum (with occasional blood streaks from damage to the throat lining) that has clogged up my head space is astounding. The virulence of this strain of virus/bacteria is crazy - both my Malaysian home and Brightonian home people have fallen prey to it. (yes I am to blame for picking it up from a friend but ah well). The haze in Malaysia isn't helping either.

But God is graceful, and is in control of all things.

Now, twenty-odd minutes away from DST, my fingers fly across the keyboard with thoughts flowing rapidly from my brain. Or not. My typing speed has decreased a little although it is still a lot better than a year ago.

Reading through the messages I've sent her, I can see that I was very much head-over-heels in love. The depth of emotions and the unbridled happiness that my words exuded (and hers too, actually yay) gave the game away. I wore my heart on my sleeve for her. And the thing is, if it was just a crush, it should be over by now... but it isn't. Growing to know each other more is what we aim to do at the moment, because honestly, we don't really know each other very well, but we get along very well. Chemistry! I believe I am still in love. I don't know, but it's a nice feeling.

But I do pray everyday, that if this isn't blessed by God, He will close the doors.
But so far, the doors haven't been closed.

Who knows?

Time will tell. But till then, there will be much prayer, and probably many messages passing back and forth between me and her, and there will be trials and tribulations as we both get busier with life in general. But then again, she puts in effort into living a somewhat balanced life, which I appreciate is tough, given the complexities of her field of choice.

I love her. I really do. And she knows it.

But I digress. Over here, things are okay. The new residence is a flat, and so far, everything has been great! Stuff is mostly brand new, so it's all efficient, which bodes well for the utility bills. I got whacked in the head by a falling attic trapdoor, but thank God I'm alive and unscathed. My housemate witnessed the whole incident unfold like a movie trailer, and he's surprised I was still walking after the impact.

-- Our house for the year =D Chris, Kyle, Matt, and myself --

-- What we've been doing in our (loads of) spare time. --
-- Today we explored the loft! --
-- Pretty cool ladder mechanism. I've actually never been in a loft or an attic. --
-- Yes I am making a weird face. And Chris is holding a tile. Lol. --
-- Also, look at the pretty knives! =D Stuck up a magnetic bar today. Hopefully it holds. --

I've also been cooking a bit since I got back. Mostly comfort food and food to get well, however. Gotta be practical. Did the Malpass run, and was happy, once again =D

-- Chicken soup, for the battered lovesick and homesick soul with Monday blues. -- 
-- Miniature French toast! I think I got the proportion of milk right this time. Fluffy! --
-- Decided to make mushroom soup for the house. Extra creamy and buttery. --
-- The outcome, after pureeing, and adding in the previously reserved mushroom bits. --
-- On bread. I could eat this everyday. And grow extremely fat. Hahahaha. --

So far, fourth year is looking to be a lot less hectic than third year, but it isn't the time to relax totally because this is the year to prepare for fifth year. But then again, I have more goals for this year - I gotta learn Mandarin to survive Malaysian hospitals, I want to cook more stuff, and hopefully, save up enough money to go somewhere this year. Photographs will follow, of course.

I reiterate, as always, that God has been good, is good, and will always be good. Most times, I don't realise just how good He is; I often need reminders. This time round, I've been well-reminded.

Two minutes to DST!

I guess it's time to sign off.
Till later, my blog. Hurrah =D

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