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9:09 AM

My little things.

Etched by Isaac

A reminder to myself that it's the little things in life that actually make me happy. =)

-- A nice surprise - a free lunch! --

-- A Pyrex within a Pyrex! Pyrex-ception! --
-- A steal at £1 each! --
-- A "Welcome Back" card made by Caleb. It's staying on my wardrobe door. --

-- My "Snow White"-inspired apple moment. Hahaha! --
-- My new racquet, in anticipation of the old one's strings snapping someday. --
-- Mozzarella! And spicy pasta. --
-- This tasted as good as it looks. :D --
-- Smuggled from home. It makes all drinks taste better. :D --
-- Pan-seared salmon at David's. --
-- For the cold winter nights when I feel slightly down and want something sweet. 50% off!--
-- Much braised pork belly this year. So much unhealthy happiness. --
-- Did you know conchiglioni (shell-shaped pasta) could form patterns? --
-- Egg yolks. :D --
-- Preparing for a dhal session. --
-- Somehow, my lampshade feels luxurious. It's nice to not have a bare light bulb. :D --
-- Mashed potato + cauliflower + garlic + grated extra mature cheddar + butter + milk! --
 -- I bought a replacement for my newly-chipped old bowl.
That day, the Pyrex won in the clash. It was a sad day.
So I built a Japanese snowman on the table. =P --

-- Say hello to the junk food family! =P All on sale! £1 each except the Seabrook (£0.50) --

-- Curried chicken, cauliflower, and brinjal. It actually goes really well with Pringles. --
-- When East meets West. Basically, just bacon. Hahahahaha. --

It's a cold Saturday night, and I should go to bed. Like, now. Ah well. Time to wrap up like a burrito! =)

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