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5:27 AM

The Heart is scary

Etched by Isaac

It scares me just how close I am to booking a return ticket to KL from London, hopping onto the 13-hour flight, getting out of the airport and heading over just to surprise her although I really can't afford to do that, and no, she wouldn't want me to do it.

Or would she?

But it would definitely be a rash decision with no proper logical backing. Most definitely unwise, yes.
But the heart wants what the heart wants, no?

I think I understand her.
Which is exactly why a surprise visit wouldn't be the best idea.

Ah well.

Much to write about; my blog feels neglected. I've been in Rome for six days and am now having to deal with the photographic aftermath. Current burden lies at about a thousand photographs, after light curation. I estimate my final output to be about 500 photos to be uploaded. That is still a lot. Most of the photos happen to be of stuff made of stone. Hahaha. Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, stone buildings, St. Peter's Basilica, stone bridges, Trevi Fountain. So much stone in Rome. And pizza, pasta, and pastries. Contrary to popular belief, I really feel that there can be a thing as too much pizza. Will have to blog about that later. I should get back to doing photos. So much for having a holiday. Hahahaha.

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